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Our Alumni

Salem, a community for life

The school years in Salem are very formative for our students. In addition to the academic education, this is primarily due to the Salem community. This is not only particularly close, but often lasts a lifetime. The Altsalemer Vereinigung (ASV) was founded in 1950 to maintain this community even after the school years. It maintains the lively contact of our alumni with each other as well as their lively exchange with the school. Today, more than 4,000 alumni are organized in the worldwide ASV network.

More about the ASV network

Alumni portraits

Our former students

Many of our alumni are still in contact with us after their school years, - either through the ASV or directly. In the Salem Magazin alumni report about their school days at Schule Schloss Salem and about their career afterwards. We have compiled some of these alumni portraits for you here:

Nicola Kienzle
is a passionate captain of ships up to 500 tons. She founded, together with another former Salem resident, the
maritime technology company Metarina.
Salem Magazin No. 93

Alexander M. Wegner
Vice President, Strategy & Communications, Teneo and Lead Venture Partner, Middle East & North Africa (MENA), Millennia Capital
Salem Magazin No. 92

Portrait von Frau Dr. Kreet Tupay

Dr. Paloma Krõõt (Kreet) Tupay
teaches constitutional law and conducts research on issues of e-government, the use of artificial intelligence by the state, and "digital constitutionalism".
Salem Magazin No. 91

More Alumni Portraits

Stella Poelzig
Business Developer in the field of renewable energies at the energy company Uniper
Salem Magazin No. 90

Alumni: Knut Bergmann Leiter Kommunikation und Hauptstadtbüro bei Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft

Knut Bergmann
Head of Communications and Capital Office at Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft
Salem Magazin No. 89

Alumni: Charlotte Mohn Project Officer bei IOM - UN Migration

Charlotte Mohn
Project Officer at IOM - UN Migration
Salem Magazin No. 88

Alumni: Dr. Ran Huo Mitarbeiterin Strategische Kommunikation im Präsidialamt

Dr. Ran Huo
Employee Strategic Communication in the Office of the President
Salem Magazin No. 86

Alumni: Clemerns Maier Vorstandsvorsitzender bei Ravensburger

Clemens Maier
Chairman of the Board at Ravensburger
Salem Magazin No. 85

Alumni: Benedikt Ibing Managing Partner bei der Pegasus Group

Benedikt Ibing
Managing Partner at the Pegasus Group
Salem Magazin No. 84

Alumni: Dr. Mavi Schellenberg Lungenfachärztin

Dr. Mavi Schellenberg
Pulmonary Specialist
Salem Magazin No. 83

Alumni: Lisa Fedjuschina Schmuckdesignerin

Lisa Fedjuschina
Jewelry designer
Salem Magazin No. 82

Alumni: Marc Brunßen Head of Strategy & Operations, ADAS & Automated Driving bei Audi AG

Marc Brunßen
Head of Strategy & Operations, ADAS & Automated Driving at Audi AG
Salem Magazin No. 81

Alumni visit Salem

It is a highlight for our students every time alumni visit our school, give lectures and hold discussions with them.  

Altsalemerin Paloma Kreet Tupay und Lavinia zusammen auf der Bühne
Law, politics and life skills
To the blog
Altsalemerinnen Nora Grabmayr und Stella Poelzig auf der Bühne
Professions with a future
To the blog
Altsalemer Jakob Schoen während seines Vortrags
Project: Youth Saves
To the blog
"Help shape the school!"
To the article

Alumni in the press

We are always happy to read about our alumni. That's why we've compiled the latest reports about and from our alumni here.

Have fun browsing.


Leonhard Wilhelmi | The head of the fasting clinic in interview

First a pandemic, then war: A fasting and burnout clinic prepares for it. When Leonard Wilhelmi took over the management of the Buchinger Private Clinic in 2019 - he graduated from the Salem Castle School in 2006 - he could not have imagined that he would soon only be called upon as a crisis manager: "Im Kloster am Bodensee", in: Süddeutsche Zeitung, 23.3.2022, No., 68, p. 16

The head of the Buchinger-Wilhelmi fasting clinic, Leonhard Wilhelmi, graduate of the Schule Schloss Salem, in an interview: „The walk after the meal must be“, in: FAS Magazin, 10.4.2021, Nr. 4, S. 86


Rüdiger Fritsch | German ambassador to Moscow until 2019

Rüdiger Fritsch, a graduate of Schule Schloss Salem, was German ambassador to Moscow until 2019. He knows the heartbeat of the huge country - and the idiosyncrasy of its president:

How Putin ticks“, in: Eßliner Zeitung, von Robin Szuttor, 12./13.3.2022

Pedro Halffter | Conductor in conversation about the Corona pandemic

The Spanish conductor Pedro Halffter, graduate of the Schule Schloss Salem, in conversation with the news agency Keystone-SDA about the Corona pandemic, unknown operas and the challenges of the opera "Florencia en el Amazonas":

"Conductor Pedro Halffter promises exotic sound experience" on: blue News, 6.5.2021


Hans Wirkner | Military priest talks about his work

Military pastor Hans Wirkner, who graduated from Salem with a high school diploma, is leaving for a mission in Afghanistan in the second half of the year:

"Need for pastoral care "gigantically large"", in: Südkurier, 7.4.2021, Nr. 79, S. 19


Christian Kracht | Author of "Eurotrash" in dialogue

Christian Kracht, he attended the Schloss Salem school, tells of a writer named Christian Kracht in his new novel "Eurotrash:

„It can't go on like this“, in: Süddeutsche Zeitung, 3.3.2021, Nr. 51, S. 9

Marc Fielmann | At the top of the eyewear group

Marc Fielmann, a graduate of Schule Schloss Salem, inherited his father's position at the helm of the eyewear group just over a year ago - then came the crisis. A conversation about his parents' expectations and his daring plans for the future:

„I was afraid that someone would say I was just putting myself in the feadered nest", in: DIE ZEIT, 14.1.2021, Nr. 3, S. 22

Roman Gorovoy | Interview with the Managing Director of ELECTROSTAR GmbH

Roman Gorovoy, Managing Director of ELECTROSTAR GmbH and graduate of Schule Schloss Salem (Abitur 2002) in an interview with Wirtschaftsforum online:

It sucks and blows...the starmix“, in: Wirtschaftsforum online, 15.11.2020

Bettina Ehrhardt | Audiobeitrag zu ihren Jahren in Salem

Schule Schloss Salem celebrates its hundredth birthday this year. Bettina Ehrhardt, Altsalemerin - Abitur 1975, remembers the years she spent there at the boarding school in this audio clip:

Salem Boarding School - Memories of a student“, in: SWR 2 Leben, 6.11.2020

ASV Annual Meeting 2022

For the ASV reunion, the jubilee class met on the Härlen campus and enjoyed great weather, a reunion with old classmates and a varied program.

It started with a panel discussion with alumnus and former ambassador to Moscow, Rüdiger von Fritsch. Then it was off outside for the field hockey tournament, in which the Salemers traditionally compete against the Altsalemers. This year, the Salemers won the tournament for the first time since 2009.

Towards the evening, our orchestra and choir performed an excerpt of the opera Carmina Burana together in the Härlen auditorium, for which they received much applause. The evening was rounded off with the performance of our college band and a spectacular outreach service presentation.