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A Quick Overview

Facts and Figures

Schule Schloss Salem is a state-recognised boarding school with around 280 staff members. Since 1920, the school has aimed to educate personalities in the spirit of its founder Kurt Hahn. Salem's special quality is to strengthen children and young people through communal experiences and at the same time to open up spaces for their individual development. This quality depends on well-trained, but above all committed staff who enjoy working in a diverse and multinational environment. 

Boarding school

Education for responsibility
Three-year compulsory engagement of all students in social services (fire brigade, Red Cross, technical relief organisation, DLRG / sea rescue, social services, etc.); comprehensive health education over eight school years.

Democracy education
Distinct office system for an elected 'student self-governance' in boarding school and school through: School's own constitution, council in the middle school and parliament in the upper school, extensive assumption of responsibility for school life through offices.

Schule Schloss Salem is the best known German boarding school, both nationally and internationally. Currently, students from 43 nations live and learn together here, reflecting the diversity of our world.

Holistic learning
In our guilds and muses, the students develop their craft and creative skills.

Experiential education
We offer an extracurricular programme that is unique in Germany. This offers age-appropriate challenges ranging from hut hikes, to excursions lasting several weeks, to the Duke of Edinburgh, Gold Award.

Sports on offer
In addition to our traditional sports, hockey, we offer 20 other sports. Training takes place, for example, in the school's own indoor swimming pool at Schloss Salem, in the school's own Lake Constance harbour with sailing boats and sea kayaks, or on one of our many sports fields.

Extracurricular music activities
There are 26 teachers at Schule Schloss Salem for instrumental lessons, school bands, school orchestra and school choir.

Theatre offer
A variety of musicals and theatre performances throughout the year. The IB branch offers the subject Theatre Arts.

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Max. 600 boarding places (approx. 95% internal students)

Teacher-student ratio
1 to 4

Size of boarding groups
Class 5 & 6: 14 - 16
Classes 7 - 10: 18 - 20
Upper School: ⌀ 18 


State-recognised Gymnasium with boarding school; grades 5 to 12 and Aufbaugymnasium (10PLUS)

Abitur or International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB)

Class sizes
Classes at Schule Schloss Salem consist of 10 to 20 students.

Approximately 20 percent of the students receive a merit scholarship; the long-term goal is to have 30% scholarship holders.

Age-appropriate education at Schloss Salem (grades 5 - 10) as well as at Salem International College at Schloss Spetzgart (10PLUS and grade 11) and on the Härlen campus (grade 12).

Foreign languages offered
In addition to German and English as everyday colloquial languages, the following language courses are offered:
Grades 5 & 6: intensive "German as a Foreign Language" lessons for non-native speakers.
Grade 5: English (also for native speakers)
from class 6: Latin or French as 2nd foreign language
from grade 8: Spanish or French as 3rd foreign language, science or music profile

Abitur or IB?
Gymnasium Abitur branch in eight years with adjoining Aufbaugymnasium 10PLUS.
Salem is the only school in Germany to offer "international classes" from grade 8. They serve as preparation for the choice between Abitur and IB after the 10th grade. Lessons in the international classes 8 - 10 are taught according to the Baden-Württemberg curriculum, but in English.

Salem - and then?
Intensive study and careers counseling on site for German-speaking and international students.


Round Square
Schule Schloss Salem is a founding member of Round Square, a global association of around 200 schools committed to Kurt Hahn's holistic pedagogy.

G30 Schools
We are a member of the G30 Schools network of the world's 50 leading schools.

School partnerships
We offer regular exchanges with more than 50 partner schools on all continents.

Alumni Network
Through membership in the ASV, our alumni not only maintain contact with each other, but also with Schule Schloss Salem.