An Impressive Teaching Unit on Law, Politics and Life Paths
Salem alumna Paloma Kreet Tupay from Estonia held a speech in the school assembly and answered fascinating questions from students.

“Your life can take you in all sorts of directions, and you should never be afraid to embrace new opportunities.” This was the overall message that was shared by Paloma Kreet Tupay during the school assembly on Friday, March 18, 2022, in the aula of Schule Schloss Salem. Now a legal expert with many years of experience in the working world, the Altsalemerin was able to give us an insight into her career, and the path that her life has taken since she left her alma mater. One of my roles as a member of the school assembly team is to bring guest speakers to the school, coordinate with them and organise their journey to Salem. I felt that it would be inspiring for many to hear about Ms Kreet’s experience, so I decided to invite her. During her visit to Salem, she held a speech for the 5th to 10th graders explaining her time working as the legal adviser of the Estonian president and the many turns that her career took before taking her current position as a lecturer of constitutional law at the University of Tartu, Estonia.

After the speech itself, a few students from grades 8, 9 and 10, who had showed particular interest in Miss Kreet’s views on human rights, stayed behind for a round-table discussion. Above all, they wanted to know how law is linked to politics and how international laws need special protection in today’s world. We also touched on the topic of how advanced Estonia is when it comes to handling the personal data of the country’s residents, and how modern their approach to education is.

I personally found it fascinating to hear from such a bright and lively woman who has had varied experiences and who has always kept an open mind towards all the opportunities that life has put in her path. It really made me come to the realization that regardless of the career you chose, you should always remain open to other chances.

Lavinia de Travy Deut, 10E2