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Become a part of Salem

with a donation of your choice!

Every single donation provides one further, promising step in the future of our scholarship recipients, one further square meter of grass on our sports field, or another needed investment in our service activities and school clubs. Along with a one-time donation, there are many other opportunities to support Schule Schloss Salem and its students in a meaningful way:

Become a part of Salem and support us and our students with your donation.

Every single donation enables

  • a further promising step into the future for our scholarship holders.
  • another square metre of lawn for our sports field
  • or a new purchase for the services and working groups

In any case, we will convert 100 percent of your donation into projects or scholarships at the school.


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Schule Schloss Salem
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Gesa Meyer-Wiefhausen | Leitung Stabsabteilungen, Leitung Kommunikation, Fundraising, Stipendien

Gesa Meyer-Wiefhausen
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Your Donation Opportunities


You are about to celebrate a birthday and rather than accepting gifts you would like to do a good deed. By suggesting "Donations in Place of Gifts" you will be helping in two ways. On the one hand you contribute to the growth of our scholarship and project funds, while on the other hand you also help inform those around you about Schule Schloss Salem.

Making a donation as a gift

Would you like to please someone you are fond of on their birthday, wedding day, or anniversary?
Then make a donation as a gift to Schule Schloss Salem and support talented young people. The recipient of the gift will receive a donation certificate from us and a small gift from the scholarship holders, and the person presenting the gift will receive a donation receipt for tax purposes.

Legacies and Beneficiaries

Doing good and passing it on. By establishing a legacy, a beneficiary or a charitable donation in your last will, you can help scholarship recipients and all other students to benefit from a solid and high-quality education. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Material Donations

Our students and teachers always appreciate receiving new books for the library, bicycles for the Mountaining Club, or other donations for clubs and service activities. In order to make a donation that meets a specific need, please contact us in advance of any purchases.

Company Donations

Company anniversaries, Christmas parties or sports events with your employees?

Make Salem a part of your celebration! We will be happy to provide you with ideas, informational material and personal interviews for any of your staff members who may be interested in enrolling their children at Salem.  And just a reminder: every donation is tax-deductible.

Foundations & Endowments

In order to finance our 130 scholarships we are dependent on the support of foundations. Naturally we cooperate only with institutions whose stated goals match our own goals and values. Similarly we are open to cooperation with newly established foundations that support young people, orphans or needy students.

A further possibility to support Salem is to set up an endowment, i.e., a sub-charity within the Kurt Hahn Foundation. The difference between this and a regular charitable donation is that you can designate for whom or for what purpose your donation may be used. Furthermore this method avoids the legal complexities of setting up a new foundation.

Regular Donations

Regular donations are of fundamental benefit because they provide the school and its scholarship holders with planning security. Whether you decide to donate to the scholarship fund, to sponsor a scholarship recipient, or support a specific school project - each contribution is most welcome and drives us forward. If you would like to donate on a regular basis, this can be easily set up by authorizing a direct debit with your bank.

Any more questions?

Please feel free to use our contact options and get in touch with us. In a personal conversation, we will be happy to answer your questions in detail and provide you with comprehensive information about our scholarship fund, the possibilities of making a donation or becoming a sponsor.
All information and possible ways to donate can also be found on our donation page.