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The New Salem Schrote - Arts & Crafts Center, Classrooms, Events

A New Building at Salem Castle

For the first time in over 300 years a new building is being erected on the grounds of Salem Castle. The former granary located along the western wall of the castle grounds was demolished in the fall of 2017. The new Salem Schrote will offer students of the lower and middle schools a wide variety of uses:

  • a large arts & crafts center with workshops for woodworking, metalworking and pottery (basement)
  • a modern learning center for the Years 7 and 8 (ground floor and 2nd floor)
  • an assembly hall with 350 seats for general events, school assemblies, theater, cultural performances and parties (top floor)

The construction will be released shortly, the interior is complete. From January 2020 the lessons, guilds and events will take place in the new Schrote. The official opening will be celebrated as part of the 100th anniversary of Schule Schloss Salem on 03 Apri 2020.

Current Donation Status: 309.791,22 EURO

Donation account

Schule Schloss Salem
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Gesa Meyer-Wiefhausen | Leitung Stabsabteilungen, Leitung Kommunikation, Fundraising, Stipendien

Gesa Meyer-Wiefhausen
Head of Communication, Fundraising, Scholarships

Tel:  +49 7553 919 371
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Britta Lebherz | Kommunikation, Fundraising, Stipendien, Geschäftsstellenleitung Friends of Salem

Britta Stocker
Communications, Fundraising
Office Friends of Salem

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Financing & Information

Demolition of the old Schrote and  construction of the new Schrote will cost 5.8 million euros. The building project is being financed by Schule Schloss Salem gGmbH and the association of trustees, Schule Schloss Salem e.V.  The Beck´sche Stiftung Berlin has provided 300,000 euros to support the investments in the arts & crafts center.

Furnishings and technical equipment for the assembly hall are to be financed through fundraising:

  • total costs of furnishing the assembly hall: 225,000 €
  • sum of donations to date: 169.372,69 €
  • amount still open: 88,972,31 €

Thanks to the generous financial reserves of the Friends of Salem Association nearly half of the necessary donation sum has already been covered.

Become a „Chair Patron“!

Variation 1: Become a "chair patron"!

Sponsor a chair for the assembly hall. The chair will bear your name on a donor's plaque mounted on the backrest.

  • One chair costs 300 € 
  • 5 chairs are 1.450 €
  • 10 chairs 2.900 €.

Of the 350 chairs to be sponsored 300 chairs have already been spoken for.

Variation 2: Procure an arts & crafts workshop

The room will bear your family's or company's name. The rooms „Metalworking“ or „Pottery“  are each available for a donation of 25,000 €.

Our completed Projects

Sports Field

After years of intensive planning and preparation and due to numerous donations and the support of "Friends of Salem Association" , the school is undertaking a thorough renovation of its outdoor facilities at Salem Castle.

 The new outdoor sports' facilities will include

  • a natural grass surface for field hockey and other ball sports 
  • a basketball court
  • a hockey field with artificial turf
  • various running tracks
  • a high-jump, a long-jump and other training areas.

All-School Sports Night

The Official Opening of the sports ground took place on the 14 of July. The students competed in mixed-year teams in hockey, soccer, beachvolleyball and basketball.

Good deeds throught art

In order to produce his unique night shots, the artist JanLeonardo wandered around Schule Schloss Salem in complete darkness between the 9th and 12th of February, armed only with a flashlight and a camera. The project titled Night Views will help support our school's scholarship program.

Nighttime Dancing through Historical Rooms

As it slowly became quieter throughout the school, the students having gone to bed and the lights been turned off, work was just beginning for the Bremen artist JanLeonardo and his assistant AnnaLeonarda. As soon as it was completely dark, the artist began to move through a room with his flashlight, following a distinct choreography in order to orchestrate the image piece by piece. Depending upon the size and richness of detail in a given room, it took him up to 15 minutes for a shot. To arrange a single photograph perfectly, it usually takes several hours, if not the entire night.

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Students Acted as Background Extras

Initiator of this art action was the alumnus and gallery owner Curtis Briggs, who set up the cooperative venture between the artist and Schule Schloss Salem. Creation of these very special photographs was made possible thanks to the students of the photography guild, the dedication of its leader, Christiane Hauser, collaboration with the custodian team, the management team boarding middle school Salem, and Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten. The unique images came about through the support of some students who acted as background extras. A limited edition of the artist's work was on exhibit on Whit Saturday, June 3, during the alumni gathering of the Altsalemer Vereinigung (ASV); also available for sale, the photographs provide a special way of remembering former school days. The proceeds from the sales will go to the scholarship fund of the school's Kurt Hahn Foundation.

Projects: Good Deeds Throught Art (Kreuzgang Schloss Salem)


Projekt: Mit Kunst Gutes tun (Betsaal Schloss Salem)

Building Character.
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