Open House 2024
by Ronja Wieninger, 10D3
Many guests took the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at Schule Schloss Salem.

This year's Open House at Schule Schloss Salem took place on Saturday, 16 March 2024. Curious pupils, interested parents and attentive local residents took the opportunity to get to know our unique boarding school. The atmosphere was full of energy and enthusiasm. The programme included, for example, an art exhibition by the art club, a hands-on activity with the carpentry workshop and musical performances. Visitors were informed about the various academic and extracurricular activities on offer and were able to try some of them for themselves. When the teachers and pupils talked about their experiences, you could feel their enthusiasm. Pupils offered guided tours and were involved in serving food to our visitors. A special highlight was the presentation of the various Service groups, which were prepared with great enthusiasm. The medical service, the fire service and the THW, the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief, gave impressive demonstrations.

We as a school community would like to thank everyone who took part in our Open Day, whether as visitors, teachers or helpers. Your support made this day an unforgettable experience. Our Open Day clearly demonstrated that for us at Salem, education and community go hand in hand and that we value everyone being able to realise their full potential. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we are very much looking forward to welcoming new members to our community to accompany them on their educational journey.

Photos: Ilja Mess, Karoline Kriegel, Lukas Huber & Chronicle AG