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Boarding school life in Salem Castle

Our grades 7 & 8


Students of ages 7 to 10 reside within Salem Castle in dormitory wings of between 15 and 22 other students. Dormitory rooms may have 2, 3 or 4 beds.

The daily schedule

A detailed daily schedule and age-appropriate rules help give structure to daily life. It also raises students' awareness for their steadily growing level of self-responsibility. In particular, issues such as digital media, alcohol abuse, and nicotine consumption are topics for discussion.

  • Morning run (in summer months)
  • One school assembly per week at minimum ("Morgensprache")
  • Communal lunch hour
  • Study Time (currently between 5:15pm and 6:45pm)

Extracurricular Activities

In order to sound out individual talents and weaknesses and to work on them, each Salem student undertakes a range of duties and activities in addition to the compulsory school work. For example, in Ages 8 students become familiar with the basics of a skilled trade and a creative endeavor such as learning to play a musical instrument, singing in a choir, participating in theatre productions, etc. In this way they learn how to treat various kinds of work materials and tools with care and also develop their own creativity.

What happens on weekends?

Weekends at Salem are anything but boring: from athletic activities, ski excursions, sailboat outings to campus games and local excursions to movie theatres, theater performances and clubhouse parties -- the wide range of activities students help to organized as part of the "Salem Weekends" ensure a rewarding variety of leisure pursuits. Fixed dates on the school Ages calendar include an overland run in November followed by a formal dinner; a dance course followed by a school ball; coats-of-arms painting prior to the raising of the maypole and a charity run on May 1st.

Impressions from our boarding school life