Life in a boarding school

in years 5 & 6

A Daily Schedule as Orientatio

The daily schedule and age-appropriate rules provide a dependable framework and clear boundaries, giving indispensable guidance to children of this age group.

Safe and Secure at Boarding Schoo

The most important feature of a boarding school is the people who live and work there - in particular for the girls and boys of Years 5 & 6. Each of them is a member of a small group, a so-called "Mentorat". The adults, the mentors, who guide the children through their day, educate them, help them, comfort them and enable them to stay in regular contact with their parents. They reside in the same building and hence are always present for our youngest boarders.

Equally important for our children is having friends of the same age in their dormitory rooms. Here they learn to share their daily lives with others and how important it is to be able to depend on one another.


Educating Children to Assume Responsibility

Students consciously share the responsibility for organizing their lives within the boarding school: from helping in the kitchen to serving as class speaker, from distributing the mail to writing press reports - our students take on a wide range of tasks and offices. Naturally this must not conflict with having a good time. Whether singing in the choir or learning a musical instrument with a private tutor, taking part in the outdoor club or the archery club, using the new gymnasium, the swimming pool or the huge lower school garden: there are a wide number of opportunities for everyone to discover and develop their own talents.

Over the past decades many traditions have become established in Salem's lower school that make the time spent in the boarding school a unique experience. These include the various celebrations at different times of the year, as well as the school dress worn in the classroom and on special occasions. Saying grace at each meal in the dining hall is an impressive symbol of reflection and gratitude -- especially for all those things which seem commonplace, but yet should not be taken for granted.


Impressions from the boarding school