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Reaching Goals with Confidence and Self-Reliance

Grades 11 & 12 (College)

Whether in in the classroom or in the boarding school -- in the final two years of schooling we expect a high level of independence from our students. Both the Abitur and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB) are organized as course systems with individualized schedules and self-reliant learning:

  • Self-guided, after-school studying is supported by mentors and subject teachers
  • Supplemental, theme-related educational activities, such as study trips, excursions, extracurricular clubs (Model United Nations, political clubs, etc.)
  • Enhanced by library-based multi-media study spaces
  • Civic education through guest lectures, evening programs and student self-governance (student parliament, academic council, study groups, Spetzgart Forum, The Spetzgart Supper Talk)
  • Career Counseling Office with teacher-counselors who are experts on admission to German and foreign universities
  • A final "Salem Report" thoroughly documenting a student's involvement in services and athletics, in political activities and creative pursuits, in elected offices and as a member of the student self-governance
Contact person
Dr. Mathias Schwarz | Chemie, Physik, Fachberater Chemie, Organisationsleitung

Dr. Mathias Schwarz
Head of Salem International College, Spetzgart and Härlen

Schule Schloss Salem
Schloss Spetzgart
88662 Überlingen

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