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Scholarships at Salem

We Encourage Performance & Commitment

In the tradition of Schule Schloss Salem, we place great emphasis on fostering individual strengths and social responsibility. We believe that a holistic education and experiential learning are essential for the development of young talent and the key to a better future. We know that financial barriers should not be an obstacle for talented students on their educational journey. That is why the Schule Schloss Salem Scholarship Programme is a central part of our educational philosophy. 


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Christine Ruhland

Christine Ruhland
Assistant to Admissions Office

Tel.: + 49 7553 919 - 352
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"My time here in Salem is a unique opportunity for which I am incredibly grateful. I am happy to be part of such a special community that makes my time here unforgettable.
Meltem Cicek, Abi 1

Step by Step to a Scholarship at Salem

Our Application Process

1. Information on the Requirements

Our online information events are an excellent way of getting to know Schule Schloss Salem better. In the ca. 45-minute presentations, a member of our admissions team talks about life and learning at Schule Schloss Salem. Questions can be asked in the chat after the presentation. Here you can find a suitable online information event.

In order to become a Salem Scholar, certain requirements must be met. In addition to the formal requirements listed below, we look for social commitment and a willingness to get involved in the Salem community. For further information on the requirements, please contact the Admissions Department.


2. Application for a Scholarship

Applications must be submitted using our scholarship application form. Documents must include the following: Scholarship Application Form, handwritten letter of motivation (approx. 2 pages) and copies of all school reports from grade 5 onwards. If you are applying for a higher scholarship than the basic scholarship, please also enclose income tax returns for your parents or guardians. The completed application form, together with all the required documents, should be submitted by e-mail.

3. Admission Interview

Part of the application process is an admission interview – either on-site at Salem or online. During an on-site visit, our students give tours of the campus and all visiting prospective students are invited to lunch. Placement tests may be taken at this time. 

4. Scholarship Agreement

The amount of the scholarship granted is determined on the basis of the parents' income tax assessment.

5. Admission Decision

The Admissions Department, together with the Head of studies, the Head of Boarding and the School Management, decide whether the student will be admitted and whether a scholarship will be granted.

6. Contract

Once the application process is complete, the contract documents will be sent digitally for signature.

Congratulations! Welcome to Salem as a scholarship holder! Each school year, an event is organised to allow all scholars to get to know each other. 

Requirements and Expectations

Who gets a scholarship in Salem?

Through our scholarships, we want to enable particularly talented and high-achieving children and young people to attend Schule Schloss Salem, regardless of their parents' income. But what does this mean? Who receives a scholarship? 

Scholarship Requirements and Expectations at a glance

Academic requirements:

  • Educational background: Scholars should attend a Gymnasium or comparable secondary school in order to meet the academic requirements. Fourth graders should have received a high school recommendation from their primary school (as relevant). For students from Realschulen, Waldorfschulen and other schools, we offer an Aufbaugymnasium - our 10PLUS class.
  • Language Skills: Excellent German language skills are essential for successful classroom participation in the Abitur system. Adequate English language skills are required for participation in our International Classes.
  • Academic Achievement: Excellent academic performance is a basic requirement for scholars, for both those working towards the Abitur and the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB).

Soft Skills and Personal Development:

  • Role Model: Scholars should act as role models within the school community and have strong social skills.
  • Responsibility: The active assumption of responsibility in various areas is highly valued among scholars.
  • Special commitment: Whether in the social, artistic or sporting field, special commitment makes all the difference.

Commitment to the school community:

  • Active Participation: Participation in school and boarding life is essential for scholars who should make a significant contribution to the community.
  • Keeping in touch: Interaction and networking among scholars and with the school's sponsors are encouraged.
  • Represent the values of the school: Representing the values and traditions of Schule Schloss Salem is of great importance to scholars during and after their time at the school.

Please note: Pupils already attending Schule Schloss Salem are not eligible to apply for a Salem Scholarship. They have the opportunity to be selected as Heinrich Blendinger Scholars in grades 8 to 10. 

Scholarship Amount

Basic or Partial Scholarship

Schule Schloss Salem has one of the largest scholarship programmes in Germany. Our scholarship fund is around 3.2 million Euros and currently supports around 20 percent of our students. The scholarship programme is made possible through cooperation with various foundations and private individuals. Most of the funding comes from the Kurt Hahn Foundation and the school itself. The Wolfgang Dürr Foundation, the Beck'sche Foundation and the Dornier Foundation also make significant contributions to the scholarship fund. In addition, some private individuals and parents specifically support the fund as a whole or they support individual students. 

Basic Scholarship

The basic scholarship is 6,000€ per year and is paid regardless of family income and assets. No proof of assets is required. The Basic Scholarship reduces the tuition and boarding fees by 500€ per month. 

Partial Scholarship

Scholarships above the basic scholarship depend on your family's income and financial circumstances. They must be applied for separately and supported by documentary evidence such as a tax return, etc. Confidentiality is expressly guaranteed. Partial scholarships are awarded through until year 12 when students sit their Abitur or IB Diploma exams. The parent/guardian's tax return must be submitted annually so that the school can check that the financial requirements for the partial scholarship are still met.

In principle, we expect a personal contribution of €6,000 per year or €500 per month.  
In the absence of proof of income, the Partial Scholarship will be limited to the Basic Scholarship (500 euros per month).

40th Anniversary of the Kurt Hahn Foundation

What do Salem Scholars do today?

On the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Kurt Hahn Foundation, former scholarship holders have formulated short videos showing what the scholarship in Salem meant to them. Former scholars also have their say in the brochure "40 Statements".