My Way to Salem: From a Wish to a Scholarship
by Elias Paul, ABI1
Elias Paul talks about his journey to a scholarship at Salem - a journey that changed his life and led him to a community he now calls home.

Hi, I'm Elias Paul and I'm in grade 11 at Salem this year. I applied for a scholarship in Salem last year and I am really enjoying this great opportunity!
Last year I went to California for a study abroad programme and the new environment made me realise that I wanted a new environment and even more intensive support. As my cousin and a very good friend had already been to Salem and had nothing but positive things to say about their experience here, the choice of my new school fell on Salem very quickly after some research. I then spoke to my cousin and our friend in more detail and was very quickly
and was very quickly won over by their enthusiasm for the Salem community and the wide range of programmes on offer.

Online Application from Abroad

Once I had decided to go to Salem, I started working on my application for a place and a scholarship from the Kurt Hahn Foundation. I was still in the USA at the time, so most of the application process was online, but this was not a problem - on the contrary, it was very straightforward. I was guided through the admissions process in a very competent and friendly manner and was able to take both the admissions interviews and the placement tests online after submitting my written application. The whole admissions process was very professional and I felt very well advised and looked after at all times.

Tips for Future Applicants

If you are also interested in the possibility of a scholarship, I can only encourage you to try your luck and apply for the unique experience of the Salem community! I recommend applying as early as possible before the new school year, as the process takes a while and it is easier with more time. I would also urge anyone who can do so to visit the campus and school in person, talk to the students and teachers, and make a decision about the school. Seeing the environment for yourself and talking to the people involved is the best way to get an idea of what life is like here and to decide whether this option is right for you. From my own experience, I can say that you will quickly fall in love with Salem, the community that makes up the school and the beautiful surroundings! I've settled in very well at Salem and feel like it's my second home! The intensive time with my classmates is very inspiring and everyone brings their individual qualities to the group. I am very grateful for the opportunity to experience this time here in Salem and wish everyone the chance to have the same experience!