Spring atmosphere on the Härlen campus
by Jeffery, Abi2
Jeffery (IB2) captured his feelings about the first days of spring in pictures and a short text.

As I sat at the dinner table, the sun emerged from behind the clouds, casting a soft glow upon my face. The vivid blue sky and pristine white clouds created a stunning backdrop, while the sweet melodies of birdsong wafted in from outside. 

I savored each spoonful of my colorful meal, consisting of asparagus soup, succulent chicken, tender zucchini, and vibrant carrots, all accompanied by fluffy potatoes. The flavors danced on my tongue, a celebration of the natural bounty that surrounded me.

After dinner, I took a tranquil stroll, basking in the sublime beauty of the world around me. Every step revealed a new vista of pristine wilderness and tranquil harmony. As the wind rustled through the trees, I felt a deep sense of peace and contentment.