Salem International Summer Schools: Filled with Life, Learning and Laughter
During our Summer Schools students immersed themselves in Salem’s boarding school life and spent some time in classrooms

Lessons in the mornings, a wide palette of activities in the afternoon. That is the daily routine of the Salem International Summer Schools for all age groups during their summer holidays. Despite the limitations caused by the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s attendees clearly enjoyed the programmes. Only a few weeks later, more than 20 of them have become regular students at Schule Schloss Salem. Three of them describe their experiences here:

It all began on a cold day in 2019 when I asked my father whether I could change schools. Once he agreed it was a possibility, we spent months looking for the right school. Then we found Schule Schloss Salem. I did my very best to do well in the entrance exams. And when I heard that I had passed I was very happy. In order to get to know the school better, I wanted first to attend the Salem Summer Camp. It was a super experience. We learned how to sail on Lake Constance, and also had some science lessons at the “Mini Uni“ in the mornings. The mentors and the teachers were really great. It was a super way to begin my time as a Salem student.

Anthony Crucius, 5D1 (Salem Summer Camp 2020)

Back at the end of July the annual Salem International Summer School began. What a fantastic experience it was! We all arrived on a sunny Saturday, students from all over the world coming together at Schloss Spetzgart. After we got to know our mentors and had a fun evening with integration games, we learned what our daily routine would look like. It was very similar to Salem’s regular school schedule. First we had a short, but not too short, morning run or swim. After morning classes we joined the activities that we had chosen before we arrived. In the first week I was in the “Outdoor Leisure” group, and we were shown some beautiful places and then relaxed in a café. For the second week I chose “Art & Design”, where we had a lot of fun making portraits and figures.

I took part in English classes each morning. For two weeks Mr. Parker, who welcomed me warmly again just a few days ago, was my class teacher. Summer school was very different from what I was used to. The teachers gave us such interesting lessons, we even forgot that we were in school at all. It just felt like we were all one big team. That’s what school should always be like! So how they gave us lessons and treated us was the main reason why I decided to enrol at Salem. It was an incredible summer and fortunately the same as I am now experiencing here at Salem Castle.

Simon Thoni, 9D3

For the summer of 2020 my dad signed me up in the Salem International Summer School and I had no idea that I would make best friends or that it would have such an impact on me that I would decide, not much later, to attend the school. Only a week in, I have made amazing friends and have great bonds with staff members, including my mentor. It has been quite a journey taking the decision to switch from an American public school to one of the most prestigious schools in Europe, but I don’t regret any part of it. I am currently enrolled in the English-language system in the 10th grade and I am amazed by all the different nationalities represented in each of my classes. I have already joined the school’s field hockey team, and am planning on joining the swimming club. I was elected class speaker, I’m on the club house team. I’m also planning on joining more things so that I can represent the school in a good way and help in any way I can. The 2020 summer school opened my eyes and made me realize what a great opportunity this is. I’m glad I decided to take it and am thankful for where it has got me.

Amelie Portier, 10E2