Our trip to The Hague International Model United Nations conference
by Hans-Philip, IB2
It was a great opportunity for us to gain an insight into the world of politics. And to get to know many students from other schools around the world.

From Monday, 22 to Saturday, 27 January, 13 students accompanied by teachers Dr. Sabine Jasny and Dr. Andreas Jäger went on a trip to The Hague (Netherlands) to take part in the world's largest Model United Nations (MUN) conference, which simulates the United Nations. Around 3,500 students from all over the world took part in this conference. Our Salem delegation was made up of students from both college years and both school systems. We represented the Holy See (the Vatican) and Mongolia. The students were divided into different committees to discuss various topics. Many used this opportunity to gain insights into the world of politics and experience in proposing solutions to international problems.

Only one student managed to get his entire resolution passed, that’s how strong the competition was! Others gave speeches and asked questions that successfully influenced the discourse of other resolutions. We were also lucky enough to not only watch a movie about the International Criminal Court (ICC) but also to have the opportunity to speak with the director and an ICC staff member who were in attendance, as well as Luis Moreno Ocampo, the first prosecutor of the ICC, who was also the main character in the movie. He was connected live via Internet. Due to the diversity of people and events at the THIMUN conference, it was a unique experience for all of us.