From Resuscitation to Burns - On the Way to Becoming a Paramedic
by Franziska Raupp, Abi 2
As a member of the paramedic service, we are involved far beyond the hours of service - because for many it is not only a service, but also a passion.

The paramedics are an integral part of everyday life in Salem and are not only on duty at sporting events, celebrations or other events, but are also called to the scene during the week for minor and major emergencies. Dealing with such situations must be practised and also requires a lot of knowledge. In order to guarantee this, students in college take an examination to become a paramedic. Year 1 has been ambitiously preparing for this exam since the beginning of the school year and, despite the stress of school, invested four weekends in intensive preparation for the exam. This consists of two parts, which are mastered as a team of two.

In the first part, everything revolves around the resuscitation and ventilation of a person. There is a lot to consider here, every move must be correct and communication must be harmonious. This is also physically very strenuous, so that some have already broken into a sweat.

In the second part, a case study is presented by a mime with corresponding symptoms. As a paramedic, it is then necessary to correctly assess the situation and take appropriate measures. The case studies can be many things: From a fall from a window to a severe burn, the students can expect anything. It is important to approach each case in a structured and calm manner, which can be a serious challenge in stressful situations.

Thanks to the many intensive practice sessions on weekends and service afternoons, the ambition of the students and the commitment of our service mentors Mr. Link and Mr. Häring, I am happy to announce that all Year 1 students have successfully passed the exam! From now on, they will replace Year 2 of weekly and fixed shifts and thus immediately use their newly learned skills. Congratulations to all paramedics – we, Year 2, hand over our beloved paramedic service to you with a clear conscience!