Excitement at the 12th Salem Music Competition
by Jana Lewin, Abi 1
A weekend full of music: The Schule Schloss Salem prize winners' concert once again delighted the audience with great performances!

The Salem Music Competition organised by the Henning Winter Foundation/Egerland Foundation took place for the 12th time on the last weekend in February. On Saturday, 55 musicians wowed the jury and the audience with their fantastic performances. Whether singing, or playing trumpet, piano or harp - every participant impressed the audience with their talent and enthusiasm for their instrument. As there were so many participants, unfortunately, not all of them were able to perform at the prize winners' concert the next day. Four music teachers took on the role of jury and thus had the difficult task of deciding which prizes would be awarded and who would have the honour of performing at the prize winners' concert. Thanks to them, on Sunday we were able to present the audience with a variety of contributions from different genres.

Sunday evening began with a piece of music and a short welcome from the Music Service Captains, who had organised and made the weekend and the entire music competition possible with the support of music teacher Susanne Sigg and the technical team. The concert was then opened by the school's Headmaster, Henrik Fass, and so the musical experience began. At the end of the evening, the participants were ceremoniously presented with their prizes and the jury and technical team received gifts as a thank you for their engagement.

A big thank you to all the participants and those involved who made this weekend possible. Thanks to them, we had a successful 12th Salem Music Competition - we are already looking forward to the 13th competition next year! 

Photos: Dominik Anhorn, Foto-Dienst