All School Sports Night 2023
by Stefanie Holzwarth, Sport Coordination Salem
A successful sports festival at the end of the school year.

On Friday, July 14, 2023, the all school sports night took place on the sports field in Salem as a sporting event for the entire school community. The approximately 400 students from grades 5 to 11 were divided into six mixed-age girls and boys teams. The teams were clearly identified by colorful T-shirts.

The 30 or so team members were divided between field hockey, basketball, volleyball and soccer. A team captain from the 11th grade coordinated and motivated their team. To ensure that all students could participate, there were certain rules, e.g. in field hockey and soccer, students from grades 5 to 7 had to be on the court, and in basketball and volleyball, students from grades 7 to 10. The qualifiers for the final round were determined in two preliminary round matches.

The Salem students participated in the tournaments with great dedication, high motivation and, above all, fairness and sportsmanship. Each team was represented in at least one sport in the finals.

The girls were dominated by Team TURQUOISE, who won both the basketball and field hockey tournaments. Overall, they came in second behind volleyball winner Team PINK. The girls' soccer winner was team GREY, and the 3rd place overall was taken by team BRIGHT BLUE.

Among the boys, Team WHITE stood out with the victory in field hockey and volleyball, but they were defeated by Team ORANGE, the soccer winner and finalist in all 4 sports. The basketball tournament was won by team BLUE and the 3rd place overall was taken by team YELLOW.

A big thank you goes out to the entire kitchen and janitorial team who were responsible for catering and set up and take down, as well as the team of PE teachers who served as referees and tournament directors. A big thank you also to all the teachers and coaches who supported the teams with cheers and applause!