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Musik: Querflöte
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The Music Profile

from grade 8 on

Muses in the areas of art, music and theater allow our students to discover and develop their artistic talents. In addition, music can also be chosen as a major subject at Schule Schloss Salem from the 8th grade onwards. It is also an option for those students in our international track with sufficient competency in German. As further possible major subjects the school also offers French and Spanish as third foreign languages or a curriculum focused on science and technology.The music major includes four hours of instruction per week from grade 8 through grade 10, and a passing mark is required for yearly promotion.

In our music programme students can and should put increased focus on their own personal experience and expertise with an instrument, alongside of lessons in singing, improvisation and dance. Active music performance plays an essential role in their learning and makes up a third of the student‘s marks.
In addition to the oral and written work on quizzes, tests and presentations, performing with a musical instrument and contributing to a musical ensemble will always be of central importance to the programme.

See our brochure for all the details of our music profile.

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