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Grades 7 & 8 (Middle School)

Boarding school life involves a wide range of common activities, service to the community and active participation through elected or appointed offices (Ämter). Student self-governance - which was introduced to some degree in Agess 5 and 6 - now has an institutional form. The Student Council, the Services Council, as well as the Wing Helpers and House Aides Assembly are forums in which issues are discussed with adults and solutions to problems are found.

During the grades 7 to 10 - in addition to imparting subject content - the foundation for independent learning is established. The parallel paths of the German and international classes also open up a new set of opportunities.

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Stefan Steinebach | Internatsleiter Standort Schloss Salem, erweiterte Schulleitung

Stefan Steinebach
Head of Boarding Campus Schloss Salem

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