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Taking responsibility for others - this is the principle which guides all activities at Schule Schloss Salem. In practice this includes Salem students taking responsibility for assisting people in need outside of their daily school life.

Along with providing assistance on a personal basis, Salem is a pedagogical institution which also shares responsibility for our environment.
Subsequently our contribution to environmental sustainability is expressed in the following commitments:

  • To guide young people toward respectful appreciation of the treasures of this earth
  • To educate students to be pro-active toward the environment
  • To set a good example as educators and as an institution

Schule Schloss Salem dedicates itself to these tasks in a variety of ways:

Valuable knowledge

Students are regularly informed about how their behavior in everyday life has an influence on the environment. Turning out lights and turning down the heating are simple acts which can be easily forgotten. How is the electricity and heat created which we use every day? These and similar questions are dealt with in detail in the classroom.

Sustainability Service

In this service activity students learn how people can be motivated to behave more sustainably. We sell sustainable and fair-trade food in Café Hahn, supply re-usable shopping bags for trips to the supermarket, and weed out the invasive Himalayan impatiens glandulifera which endangers our local flora and fauna. The sustainability services of the Upper and Middle Schools work collaboratively on these projects. They create an annual record of environmental impact, initiate suggestions for change, keep the school community informed and provide suggestions for sustainable behavior.

Improving the School's Environmental Impact

For many years Schule Schloss Salem has endeavored to optimize its environmental impact. The construction of the Härlen Campus of Salem International College in Überlingen was subject to strict ecological specifications. The installment of a biogas-run thermal power station in Spetzgart and the consistent use of recycled paper on all campuses are examples of our efforts to become a sustainability-based school. Hence it is no coincidence that one of the letters in the IDEALS of the Round Square network - of which Salem is a founding member - is E, which stands for environmental stewardship. To ensure a goal-oriented and continuous effort toward sustainability, the Environmental Council was established in 2008/2009. It guides and monitors the measures undertaken. A designated Environmental Officer coordinates all activities involving conservation and sustainability.

Contact person
Nina Peters | Biologie, Haustutorin Härlen, Nachhaltigkeitsdienst Jahrgangsstufe 11 & 12, Sicherheitsbeauftragte Härlen, Koordination Outdoor Education

Nina Peters
Sustainability Service Years 11 & 12
Teacher: Biology

Tel. +49 7553 919-559
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