Sustainability at Schule Schloss Salem

Improvement of the school's own environmental balance

Schule Schloss Salem has been working for many years to optimise its environmental balance. For example, the construction of the International College on Campus Härlen was carried out in accordance with strict ecological guidelines. Our commitment to a sustainable school is also demonstrated by the construction of a biogas-powered combined heat and power plant next to Schloss Spetzgart and the consistent use of recycled paper at all locations. And it is of course no coincidence that one of the IDEALS of the Round Square Association - whose founding school is Salem - stands for "E" as in "Enviromental Stewardship". 

Involving our students

As a company, we bear direct responsibility for our actions and take care of the issues of sustainability & environment within the scope of our possibilities.
As an educational institution, it is our task and our goal to enable our students to take on responsibility within the scope of their possibilities and to pass this responsibility on to their environment.

This results in three concrete obligations for us with regard to sustainability:

  • To instruct young people in the mindful use of the treasures of the earth,
  • to educate them to be active advocates of the environment, and
  • to set a good example as an educator or institution.
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Nina Peters
Head of International Office,
Round Square Representative,
Teacher: Biology, BNT

Tel.: + 49 7553 919 - 305
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Ideas, collected by our students at the SICYC (Salem International College Youth Conference) “Mobility”:

  • Free public transport for students
  • Support e-bikes for teachers and students
  • Charging stations for e-cars on campuses (own solar produced energy)
  • Switch to more eco-friendly vehicles in school car fleet
  • CO2 – compensation of flights for staff and students
Food & Consumption
  • Student-run fair trade coffee shop (Café Hahn)
  • 2 Veggie days a week
  • Kitchen uses mainly regional and organic food
  • Apple collection to produce juice
Explore & protect biodiversity
  • Excursions and field trips
  • Build insect, birds and bat houses
  • Botanical service runs greenhouse and bee hives
  • 1500 sqm insect-feeding blooming area around the campus – Salem is member of „Netzwerk blühende Landschaft“
Recycling & Re-use
  • Collect paper/ bottles/ batteries
  • Collection of deposit bottles („bottles for bees“: buy seeds with the refunded money)
  • “Diversion Excursion” / flee market („left-overs“ Y2)
Awareness & Understanding
  • Student-run conferences (SICYC)
  • Sustainability Day
  • Biodiversity Day
  • Presentations in weekly school assemblies (on energy, plastic, food, climate change...)