The Scholarship Fund of the Kurt-Hahn-Foundation

You can support talented students

Each year Schule Schloss Salem provides around 130 young people with a partial scholarship. That amounts to 20% of our student body. Our goal is to raise this to over 30%. You could help us by becoming a scholarship patron.


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Gesa Meyer-Wiefhausen | Leitung Stabsabteilungen, Leitung Kommunikation, Fundraising, Stipendien

Gesa Meyer-Wiefhausen
Head of Communication, Fundraising, Scholarships

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Questions & Answers

How do I donate? How do I become a sponsor?

A contribution to the scholarship fund is also possible independently of a sponsorship through a donation. You determine the amount of this donation yourself.
You will find all information and possible ways to donate on our donation page.

In order to take over a sponsorship, please inform yourself about the following questions & answers and download the brochure Sponsorships.

What Does My Contribution Do?

Your contribution will enable a talented young student to attend Schule Schloss Salem and obtain an excellent academic education. Moreover the experience of taking on responsibility within a community and the experience and practice of charitableness and altruism helps develop character. In this way you provide the means for a child from a less fortunate family, an orphan or a refugee to receive the chance to develop himself or herself and make more out of his or her life.

Will I Meet the Child I Sponsor?

If you wish, the school will provide the opportunity to make contact with the child you sponsor. But if you prefer to offer your support anonymously, we will of course respect your wishes.

How Do I Learn About My Sponsored Child's Progress?

Schule Schloss Salem will provide you with regular information about the academic and boarding school activities and progress reports of your sponsored child. At your request we will forward regular written reports throughout the year. In this way you will be able to follow your sponsored child's development and observe how your donations bear fruit.

How Much Is a Scholarship Contribution?

You have the possibility of sponsoring a full, a half, or a quarter scholarship. Every donation is most welcome.

Here are the different annual donations in overview:

  • Full Scholarship:  42,000 EUR
  • Half Scholarship:  21,000 EUR
  • Quarter Scholarship:  10,500 EUR 

It is of course possible to make donations to the scholarship fund without sponsoring a specific student.
Both sponsorship and donation are tax deductible.