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Age: 9-11 years, Main campus language: German

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Julian Priebus
Head of Salem Summer Camp
Head of Salem International Summer Schools


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Summer Camp: 9-11 years in Salem
Summer School: 12-14 years in Salem
International Summer School: 14-16 years in Spetzgart

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Learning Groups (in the morning)

In the morning, the learning groups take place for two hours. The size of the groups is 7 - 12 children.

In the following we have listed all Learning Groups that are available for selection. Below you can enter the choices of your child. Of course we try to consider the first choice, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee it.

Please note: First and second choice must be different!

Basic English

If English is not your mother tongue but you have already had English lessons in school for a minimum of one year, this course is the right choice for you. You will improve your fluency, build up your vocabulary, and write short stories in English.

DaF (German as a foreign Language) for beginners without previous knowledge

If you have no previous experience or knowledge of the German language, we recommend that you attend this course. You will learn how to introduce yourself, and how to conduct a basic conversation.

DaF (German as a foreign Language) for advanced learners

This course is for those who already have a basic knowledge of German. You will improve your speaking and writing skills, practice grammar, and work on your listening comprehension.


Do you like reading stories and writing essays? Do you want to improve your spelling and grammar skills? Then this course is the right choice for you.

Practical Mathematics

In this course you will enjoy Mathematics in a different and more practical way. Through a variety games and learning styles, you will develop a better understanding of various mathematical rules and laws.


Travel back in time and experience Schloss Salem and its surrounding area in the time of the middle ages, through theory and practice. Good knowledge of German is required to attend this group (Note: in case of low enrollment, it is possible that Summer Camp & Summer School course will be taught in parallel).


As a young ‘university student’ you will learn exciting aspects from the natural sciences and technical fields. Practical lectures will introduce you to amazing phenomena under the guidance of different experts.


Please choose two of the seven options. Of course we will try to fulfill your first wish, but unfortunately we cannot always guarantee this.

Please note: First and second request must be different.

First Choice for Learning Groups: *
Second choice for Learning Groups: *
Practical Groups (in the afternoon)

As with the Learning Groups, you will first find informations on all the Practical Groups below and can then submit three choices.

First, second and third choice must be different.

Arts and Crafts

If you are creative and enjoy the arts, this is the right course for you. Here you will use a wide range of materials including plaster, indian ink, oil paints and soap stone. Take your artistic inspiration from the local, beautiful surroundings.

On Stage

During the two weeks of Summer Camp, you will have the opportunity to get a taste of acting in our drama group. Take over a role in the play that will be presented on the final day.


In our own Spetzgart harbour, you will learn basic sailing skills. You will sail in “Optis” (small boats). Fluent German language skills are required to attend this acitivity.

You must be a good swimmer, confident and capable of swimming in a lake.


Here, you will experience the flora and fauna around the Salem Campus. You will roam and explore the surrounding nature on foot as well as under the microscope!


In only two weeks you will learn incredible things: acrobatics, balancing, devil‘s stick, diabolo, unicycle and juggling. Just wait and see what you can do!


Please choose three of the five practice groups. Of course, we will try to consider your first choice, but unfortunately we cannot always guarantee this.

Please note: First, second and third wishes must be different.

Please allow your child to choose their own practice groups. Experience tells us that when students, rather than parents, choose their practice groups more enjoyment is had and less problems occur.

First choice for Practical Groups: *
Second choice for Practical Groups: *
Third choice for Practical Groups: *
Further Information

Information for the middle weekend

We will explore the surrounding area of Schloss Salem on the weekend. We will visit Affenberg (Monkey Mountain), enjoy our picnic lunch at Schloss Spetzgart and go for a swim in nearby Lake Constance as well as enjoy spending a fun time with your new found friends during this exciting weekend.


In order to complete your application we kindly ask your child to answer a few questions about yourself. You find the document in the Download section above. Please scan and E-Mail it to us as soon as possible.

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Conditions of acceptance

* Enrolment will not be finalised until fees have been paid and the signed contract returned.
* The student must take out full medical and travel insurance.
* We must be informed about any special conditions for participants (diet, medical etc.).
* First choice of activities cannot be guaranteed.
* We reserve the right to cancel any activities or alter the venue of the programme as circumstances dictate (e.g. poor weather, lack of participants, guidelines of the health department etc.).
* Possession or consumption of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, e-cigarettes or other smoking devices is strictly forbidden and will lead to expulsion.
* Evidence of full vaccination against measles or proof of immunity due to previous infection is required (according to German law since 01.03.2020).


I hereby apply for admission to Salem Summer Camp 2024 and undertake to abide by the Conditions of Acceptance as set out above. *

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