Salem International Summer School

For students from around the world

Age: 14 - 16 years
Date: Saturday, 23 July - Sunday, 7 August 2022 (please note: Summer Camp + Salem Summer School departure on Saturday, 6 August 2022)
Fee: 2,900,- €

The Salem International Summer School welcomes students from all around the world. The common language is English and hence the atmosphere is very international. In the mornings students attend a language course in either German or English. In the afternoons a wide range of sports and creative activities are on offer. The middle weekend is just the right time for a variety of different and challenging excursions, such as a trip to Konstanz, cycling in the local area or kayaking on Lake Constance. At the Final Evening Production, participants have the chance to show their parents and newly won friends all their artistic talents.

Thank you for choosing our Salem International Summer School. Due to high demand, all places are full for 2022 and it is no longer possible to apply.

The digital registration for the Salem International Summer Schools 2023 is expected to be activated on our website on 15 October 2022.

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Natalie Lander
Head of Salem International Summer School

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Learning & Experiencing

Mornings: Language Courses

Students must choose to study either English or German. Lessons take place from Monday to Friday for three hours each morning. English is the common language at Salem International Summer School. To ensure that all participants are able to understand instructions and announcements, they must have had a minimum of three years of English lessons at school. There is no minimum requirement for German. 
Before starting their chosen language course, all students sit a placement test wich will be used to assign students to the appropriate learning group.

Daily Schedule
Wake-up call
Morning run or swim
08:30 - 09:15
09:30 - 12:30
Language course
13:00 - 13:45
14:00 - 17:30
Afternoon Activities
18:30 - 19:15
19:30 - 22:00
Evening Leisure Activities / Sports | Rehearsals
Wing time
Lights out
German Courses

Students studying German will be divided into three teaching groups. Beginners will cover basic language skills and a priority will be given to conversation.
Intermediate students will read and discuss newspaper articles, short stories, and plays. To improve their knowledge of grammar and expand their vocabulary, they will also read challenging and engaging texts and discuss current topics.
Advanced students will be encouraged, with the support of their teachers, to compose essays and reports on different themes including those discovered in literary texts. 
All students also contribute to the course magazine which they take home at the end of the programme. All our German teachers are native speakers with many years of teaching experience in both German and/or German as a foreign language (DaF). Maximum size of any group is 12 students.

English Courses

Experienced, native English-speaking teachers lead these courses. Each teacher focuses on one aspect of the curriculum and teaches it to all groups. As appropriate to their current level, each student will work on extending his or her oral and written skills. These will include grammar, listening comprehension, literature, composition and business English. Students will also contribute to the course magazine which they take home at the end of the programme. Maximum size of any group is 12 students.

Afternoon Activities

There's no chance of getting bored in the afternoon, either. Our experienced leaders and enthusiastic assistants ensure that, whatever the weather or chosen activity, all students enjoy themselves and get the most from their experiences. Many of our previous summer school students have taken the opportunity to try out a new challenge, be it sporty or artistic. Experience tells us that when students, rather than parents, choose their activities, less problems occur!


Develop your acting skills with out Theatre Director and perform on stage at our Final Evening Production.

Beginners and experienced actors are encouraged to participate - challenge yourself!

Art & Design

Here students can discover and enjoy their artistic talents. The course leader is an experienced artist and teacher, who will introduce students to a variety of media and techniques, working both in the classroom and outdoors.


In our ceramics studio, students will go through the entire process of designing, creating, decorating and firing their own unique clay sculptures, which they can take home at the end of Summer School.


Showcase your musical skills as a member of the 'Summer School Band' in preparation for performing at the Final Evening Production. Singers and musicians are welcome.

Outdoor Adventure

This is the best choice for students who are in excellent physical shape. Mountain biking, kayaking and a visit to a local high ropes course are just a few of the activities offered in this rigorous and challenging outdoor programme.

Outdoor Leisure

This is the perfect activity for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors without working up too much of a sweat! Our leaders offer a leisurely programme of swimming, walking and visiting local tourist and cultural attractions.

Rock Climbing

This very popular course takes place under the guidance of highly qualified and experienced trainers at the excellently equipped climbing hall in nearby Radolfzell. No experience is necessary, but students should be physically fit and have no fear of heights!


Improve your technical and practical sailing skills with our qualified leaders at our own harbour on Lake Constance. You must be a good swimmer, confident and capable of swimming in a lake. Previous dinghy sailing experience is essential!


Tennis players can train their skills and play on our astroturf courts at our nearby Härlen campus. Our experienced coaches can help beginners, intermediate and advanced players to develop their game. The highlight at the and of each week will be a final tournament!

Water Sports

Water Sports mixes fun and sport in a programme which takes place mainly out on the lake. It includes a variety of activities including kayaking, water-skiing, and swimming. You must be a capable and confident swimmer and not afraid to swim in the lake.

The weekend programme at Salem International Summer School

Weekend Excursions

The Salem International Summer School offers each student the opportunity to participate in two excursions during the weekend. Groups are made up of no more than 16 students and are accompanied by at least two members of staff.

Bodensee Experience

Enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Constance (Bodensee) and a cultural visit to the historical university town of Konstanz.

Cycling Tour

Enjoy the varied landscape of the Lake Constance region, and visiting various towns and attractions, on this fun cycling trip.


This is a more physically demanding excursion involving 4-5 hours of hiking around the Überlingersee.


Have fun spending time on Lake Constance with our experienced guide whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery from your kayak. You must be a confident, capable swimmer and not afraid to swim in the lake.

Rock Climbing

Students who attend the Rock Climbing Afternoon Activity in week 1 can enjoy a real rock climbing experience at the weekend. Accompanied by our experienced and trained experts, students will have the opportunity to use their newly acquired skills in more challenging surroundings.

Sailing on Lake Constance

Students who took part in the Sailing Afternoon Activity in week 1 have the opportunity to experience Lake Constance from a sailor's perspective teaming up for fun days out onboard our cutter or in the jolly boats.

Final Show of the Salem International Summer School

Final Evening Production

For parents, family and guests, the crowning conclusion of our Salem International Summer School has always been full of surprises: the Final Evening Production.
In previous years, the wide variety of performances have ranged from Shakespeare’s plays to more modern theatrical pieces to one act plays written by the students themselves. All Summer School participants are members of the cast, whether it be acting on the stage or helping behind the scenes. They each choose their own personal task – acting, dancing, playing in the band, helping with props, make-up and costumes or with lighting, staging or other technical assistance. All this makes it a night that everyone will remember.

In addition to the final production, we celebrate the end of Summer School by presenting the students with their language course participation certificates and honour individual students with special awards. The evening closes with a party for the students.