Art project from online lessons

"Self-Portrait with breathing mask"

An art course in our upper school has published a "digital" art project as part of the online lessons. All course participants have artistically portrayed themselves wearing a breathing mask. The result was a wide variety of photomontages in the most diverse styles of art.

The object: The breathing mask

As one of the signs of this pandemic, the breathing mask, regardless of all opinions and facts, will become engraved in the collective pictorial memory and will probably become one of the key images of this time. When people talk about this crisis in a few decades, the media will probably show pictures of people wearing face masks. This mask has already developed beyond its primarily technical function, other "functions" have been added and an aesthetic modification can be observed. This object can be seen as an embodiment of the tension between individuality and collective, and since both extremes of this arc cannot be the goal of a social society, the students' works challenge the viewer to position himself and become active.