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Taster Days at Schule Schloss Salem

Changing to a boarding school is a huge step to take for each and every child and needs a lot of consideration. You never know what exactly is waiting for you once you become a Salem student. In order to get at least an idea of our everyday life, a taster day visit might help.

Our perspective students at Rentamt (grades 5 and 6) are warmly invited to spend taster days with us that include overnight stays and the participation in a typical day in lessons and activities. Circumstances permitting again, we will schedule and publish corresponding dates in the course of the next school year.

Applicants for higher grades are warmly invited to spend a day with us that includes their participation in lessons and lunch. Site visits including campus tours can be arranged during regular admission procedures with team admissions. A participation in lessons will most likely be possible again next school year.

Kindly contact our team admissions for further questions or any other matter.

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