Open Day 2021

„Experience Salem virtually“ on Saturday, 17 April 2021, 11 am – 2 pm (CET, UTC +2)

Would you like to learn more about life and learning at one of the world's most renowned boarding schools?
Then visit our virtual open day!

On this day, students and educators will show you what Salem is all about in online presentations and live chats: they will present their school to you in a live stream and give you an insight into everyday life at the boarding school.

A highlight this year is the guided tour of Salem Castle by the school representative team of grades 5-10. Freya and Hannes will take you on a journey through their Salem Castle. Experience the unique and historic castle from the perspective of our students.

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Enjoy an informative and varied stay at Schule Schloss Salem.
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We look forward to welcoming you!


11 am - Welcome, Schule Schloss Salem

Welcome by the headmaster Bernd Westermeyer, the head of the boarding school Stefan Steinebach (years 5 - 10) and our school representative team (years 5 - 10).

Bernd Westermeyer
Headmaster of Schule Schloss Salem

Stefan Steinebach | Internatsleiter Standort Schloss Salem, erweiterte Schulleitung

Stefan Steinebach
Head of Boarding School, Schloss Salem

Freya von Gehlsdorf
Hannes Dewender
School Representative Team (years 5 - 10)

11:10 am - Schule Schloss Salem at the Salem site

Our Head of Admissions, Dr Stephanie Nau, introduces you to Schule Schloss Salem, in particular the location Schloss Salem, where years 5 - 10 live and learn.

Dr. Stephanie Nau
Head of Admissions

11:30 am - Live Chat: Ask us all your questions!

You have the opportunity to ask us all your questions via the chat function. We will then read out your question and answer it LIVE for all listeners.

12 pm - Speech: Direct democracy at the boarding school - How our students influence their own everyday life

A member of our ALPS group (Acceleration Leadership Programme Salem) shows how democratically the school and boarding school life is structured in Salem. Democracy and thus the co-responsibility of the pupils for their own time at school is a special feature of Salem and one of the cornerstones of the boarding school concept of school founder Kurt Hahn.

12:15 pm - Speech: Activity, nature, community - why Salem would not work without experiential education

Eugen Balzer, coordinator of our outdoor education, explains why experiential education plays such a big role in Salem and how we integrate it into the students' everyday school life.

Further information about our outdoor education

Eugen Balzer | Biologie, Gemeinschaftskunde, Wirtschaft, Koordinator Outdoor Education, Stellvertretung Stufenleitung Jahrgangsstufe 11 & 12

Eugen Balzer
Coordination Outdoor Education

12:30 pm - Guided tour: Emission-free, free choice of seats and with the best view - A special guided tour of Salem Castle

Sit back and fly through our Salem Castle with our school representative team (Freya and Hannes).

Freya von Gehlsdorf
Hannes Dewender
School Representative Team in Salem (years 5 - 10)

12:45 pm - Welcome, Salem International College

Welcome by Head of Boarding Ken Lander (Years 10PLUS, 11 and 12) and the school representative team Jan and Lasse (Years 10PLUS, 11 and 12) from Salem International College, the upper school of Schule Schloss Salem at the locations Schloss Spetzgart and Campus Härlen in Überlingen.

Ken Lander | Internatsleiter Standort Schloss Spetzgart und Campus Härlen, erweiterte Schulleitung

Ken Lander
Head of Salem International College,
extended school board

Lasse van den Berg
School speaker Schloss Spetzgart

12:50 pm - Salem International College at Schloss Spetzgart and Campus Härlen

Short presentation of Schule Schloss Salem, in particular the locations Schloss Spetzgart and Campus Härlen, where the grades 10PLUS, 11 and 12 live and learn.

1 pm - Live students chat: "What is it like to live in Salem?"

You students have the opportunity to ask questions via a chat function. Two students from our year 11 and 12 classes will read out your questions and answer them LIVE for all listeners.

1:30 pm - Speech: Salem and then? - Our individual career counselling in Salem

Our careers counsellor Dr Günther Klause shows how individual career counselling works at Schule Schloss Salem and how students can benefit from this counselling.

Further Information about our carrers counselling

Dr. Günter Klause | Latein, Russisch, Psychologie, Laufbahnberatung Jahrgangsstufe 11 & 12

Dr. Günter Klause
Careers Counselling

1:45 pm - Guided tour: We go live - Our students take a guided tour of the Härlen Campus

A student in the Upper School will take over our Instagram account on 17 April 2021 and go live on the Härlen campus from 1:45 pm. He/she will give a tour of the campus and show the classrooms, our auditorium, the dining hall and the students' private rooms.

2 pm - End of the event


to the Open Day on 17 April 2021

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