The Headmaster’s Reception
by Ronja Doering, 10D1
Shortly before Christmas, Henrik Fass, Headmaster of Schule Schloss Salem, hosted a reception to thank the generous supporters, donors and sponsors of our school.

We are delighted that so many parents, committee members and donors accepted the invitation of our Headmaster Henrik Fass to a reception on 15 December, 2023 in the Kapitelsaal of Schule Schloss Salem. Henrik Fass and Thomas Obitz welcomed the guests and thanked them for their commitment. They then provided information about upcoming projects and their costs, as well as successfully completed projects such as the purchase of another Salem bus. Guests were also given an insight into the life of a scholarship holder and a former scholarship holder, and they then engaged in intensive personal exchanges with them.

During the discussions, it became clear how many opportunities are available to individual students at Schule Schloss Salem, also due to the various forms of support available, such as scholarships. In addition, all guests were once again made aware of how important they are to Salem and how honoured every Salem student feels to be able to take advantage of this support. Without all this financial help the scholarship system would not be possible in this form. Henrik Fass therefore thanked all sponsors for this excellent cooperation, which makes Schule Schloss Salem what it is: a place full of opportunities.