The Art of Argumentative Exchange
by Julia Rieß, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
‚Jugend debattiert‘ regional competition, held at Schule Schloss Salem.

„Jugend debattiert has opened up new perspectives for me: I can now defend my position more convincingly in class and in discussions with others," says Emily, a pupil at Schule Schloss Salem, who - like two other Salem competitors - made it through to the final. The best debaters from five participating schools from Villingen to Freiburg took part in the competition in the Black Forest-Lake Constance regional association; four of them will go on to the state competition in April. "It is important to learn to argue objectively and to accept different opinions. This competence is one of the most important basic requirements for democratic coexistence," says Henrik Fass, overall director of the competition. He has been involved in the competition for many years and it was a matter close to his heart to reintroduce and personally lead a debating group at Schule Schloss Salem. For this year's ‚Jugend debattiert‘ competition, he is also acting as coordinator for the Black Forest-Lake Constance regional association. Pupils learn how to comprehensively research a topic and identify viable arguments in lessons and in the working groups. In the debates, they improve their expression and discussion skills and strengthen their expertise and powers of persuasion. In the competition, the newly acquired skills are then put to the test in a fair exchange of blows.