Scholarship Holders: Sharing Information and Experiences at an Annual Gathering
by Janina Tritschler & Gesa Meyer-Wiefhausen
On a day filled with a variety of activities, our scholarship holders in Years 5 to 10 learned a lot about the scholarship programme at Schule Schloss Salem. And there was plenty of time for fun, too.

Scholarship students have always been a core element of the Schule Schloss Salem community. They are characteristically known for their high academic performance and act as role models with strong social skills, while taking on responsibility for themselves and for others and serving the school in many ways.

Once a year a meeting is organised for scholarship holders, during which the participants receive information about the prerequisites for an extension of their scholarships. They are also made aware that the school’s scholarships are financed for the most part by the Kurt-Hahn-Stiftung. The scholarship fund at Schule Schloss Salem distributes 2.5 million Euros and is the largest scholarship fund of its kind in the Federal Republic of Germany. The gathering also provides students with a great opportunity to get to know each other and share their experiences.

Under normal circumstances a get-together is organised for Years 10PLUS, 11 and 12, as well as one for Years 5 to 10. In order to hold an in-person gathering, despite the coronavirus restrictions, direct social contact had to be kept to a minimum. In this school year the scholarship gatherings for Years 5 to 10 were held in separate double-year groups. After the official informational part of a meeting was finished, students had fun taking part in a photo rallye. Here they could show just how well they really know their way around the castle grounds.

At the end of these meetings, it is the custom to collect feedback about positive and less positive aspects of life in the boarding school and suggestions for change. Thanks to these annual surveys, the students’ responses contribute to Schule Schloss Salem’s system of quality management. We sincerely thank all our scholarship holders for their participation.