Podcast as classroom project
by Felicia und Maximilian, 10D
Grade 10 dived deep into the political "podcast world" in their civics lessons and produced various podcasts themselves.

Hello dear readers,

In the first period of the school year, in our Social Studies class,  we dealt with the welfare state.  We were given the task of recording our own podcast, for which our teacher Ms Schol gave us several topics to choose from.

Max and I chose the topic: 'Germany is ageing - should the retirement age be raised to 70?' and proceeded with the research and recording as follows:

First, each of us did our own research. In study time, we then compiled our information and prepared a script for our podcast. An interview was to be integrated into each podcast. We interviewed Margit Röther, Martin Röther and also Brigitte Mergenthaler-Walter, our school director, as guests. After recording the interviews, we started recording the podcast. Then we edited our interviews and text and chose a suitable introduction. In class we then listened to the different podcasts. All of them were very successful. One group, for example, had arranged to meet with the FDP and the SPD and discussed the question of the necessity of private old-age provision.

Conclusion: The recording was a lot of fun for us personally, as we were able to deal intensively with a topic that interested us. The work assignment was very time-consuming, but it was worth it. We also got an insight into the political 'podcast world'. This showed us how exciting, age-appropriate and topical politics can be. Something that also shapes us here in Salem on a daily basis.

If you wish, feel free to listen to our podcast or any other podcast from the class.

Best regards, Feli and Max.


Felicitas und Maximilian

Greta, Angel und Christopher