Outdoor days at the start of the school year
by Mia S., 5D1 & Wangzuoyi Q., 8D1
At the start of the new school year, integration days are organised in all grades to strengthen the community. Two pupils report:

Mia S., 5D1: I really like nature. That's why I was so happy that we had outdoor days. Over two days we had professional trainers who showed us many things, for example how to make a fire or build a camp. On the second day, we were faced with the big challenge of the team task. We had to show everything we had learned: that we could work in a team, make fire and much more. I personally found the outdoor days very enjoyable and am already looking forward to the next time.

 Wangzuoyi Q., 8D1: The outdoor weekend of class 8 was partly exhausting, but it was also a great experience. We met at the Stockacher Tor on Saturday morning. After a short bus ride, we were divided into three groups and walked to a campsite near Lake Illmensee. The walk was more strenuous than expected. The paths that we should have followed according to the map were overgrown and so we orientated ourselves with the help of a compass.

When we arrived, after a short break, we were shown how to set up the tents. Some of us needed help, others managed on their own. After all the tents were up, we cooked our own food. I was very excited, because I didn't know that simple spaghetti with pesto tasted so delicious. Maybe it was also because I was very hungry. After the delicious dinner, we did the dishes and had pudding for dessert. We sat around the campfire together and roasted marshmallows. All in all, it was a nice day and a fun and cosy evening.

The next day, after our breakfast (there was a variety of cereals), we packed our lunches and were divided into new groups. Then we set off in the direction of Salem Castle. We could see beautiful landscapes and it was a great feeling to be back in Salem. We were all exhausted, but it was still a wonderful and fun experience.