Fun on skis
by Julian 9D3 & Marta 10D4
The Salem Ski Sundays are a winter highlight for many Salem residents.

When I came to Salem in grade 6, I was very worried that as a boarding school pupil I would no longer be able to ski to the same extent as I had done at home. This worry was blown away when I heard about the Ski Sundays in one of my first school assemblies. Of course, I signed up straight away. Initially, the Ski Sundays were a way to go skiing with my friends, but over the two and a half years I've been involved, it's become something close to my heart and this year I'm one of three ski captains supporting our teacher Petra Spielvogel on the Ski Days.

I remember the first Ski Sunday in Damüls, where we skied until late afternoon, interrupted only by lunch together on the Salem bus, which the Salem kitchen had given us along. Ski Sundays always offer us a great opportunity to strengthen our team spirit as athletes and as a Salem community and to have lots of fun with our friends.

Julian, 9D3

On January 14 this year, we had the opportunity to travel to Zürs in Austria with a group of 16 students. The participants belonged to both the ninth and tenth grades and it was a great experience to spend time with classmates you don't normally have much to do with. During the day, we were in small groups of at least three people and could always rely on each other if anything went wrong. For lunchtime, we had arranged a meeting point at the Trittkopf BBQ restaurant, where we met with the other groups, exchanged ideas and got to know each other better. We had to get up early but the whole trip was worth it: the weather was excellent that day and we had a lot of fun. I particularly enjoyed the outward journey on the Salem bus, as we sang together despite being tired in the morning and looked forward to the Ski Day in a good mood. 

Marta, 10D4