Sport: Feldhockey
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Fussball beim Abendsportfest der Schule Schloss Salem
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To get ahead, on must keep moving

Sports at Schule Schloss Salem

The concept of a holistic education also includes the promotion of physical endurance. In addition to the regular sports lessons, each student at Salem has to attend at least one other sport course. 

At Schule Schloss Salem there are numerous school teams that also participate in competitions on a regular basis. Alongside the traditional sports Hockey and Basketball there are other teams in the fields of Badminton, Football, and Swimming.

The school has three sports halls, two modern sports fields, an artificial turf and a 400m running track. It maintains its own 25-metre indoor swimming pool and both the Middle School and the Upper School offer fitness rooms with a variety of cardiovascular and weight training machines and further crossfit equipment. Moreover, at the Spetzgart campus there is a climbing wall for those who want to practice bouldering

Contact Person

Julian Priebus
Sport Coordinator 
Years 5 - 10

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Team Sports

Regular, intensive training sessions, sometimes several times a week, prepare students to participate in the German National Schools Sports competition, in official matches, tournaments, and also test matches against other schools and boarding schools.

A traditional sports highlight are the internal matches between Middle and Upper School, the so called Salem-Spetzgart Matches.

At least two different team sports are taught during the PE lessons; in the afternoons there is a wide range of sports offered, even for those who are not members of a school team.

Our Team Sports
Sport: Basketball


Sport: Hockey


Sport: Fußball


Sport: Volleyball


Individual Sports

Running and swimming are the individual sports at Salem that have the longest tradition. In the summer months the Lower and Middle School students start their day with the morning run around the castle grounds just as they did nearly 100 years ago. The traditional run at Salem on the Day of Prayer and Repentance (Buß- und Bettagslauf) in November, earning running badges in the Lower School, and an all-school charity run are fixed events in boarding school's annual calendar.

  • Badminton
  • Fencing
  • Fitness
  • Running
  • Athletics
  • Bouldering
  • Horse-back riding
  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Skiing
  • Dancing
  • Tennis
  • Triathlon
School Sports Carnival

At the end of each school year students from all year groups gather to compete in mixed-year teams at a variety of events, including Hockey, Basketball, Soccer and Beachvolleyball.

Impressionen vom Abendsportfest
Fußball beim Abendsportfest an der Schule Schloss Salem
Teambesprechung beim Abendsportfest an der Schule Schloss Salem
Hockey beim Abendsportfest an der Schule Schloss Salem
Siegesfeier beim Abendsportfest an der Schule Schloss Salem
Startblock beim Abendsportfest an der Schule Schloss Salem
Basketball beim Abendsportfest an der Schule Schloss Salem
Sports grounds
  • 2 Sports fields
  • 3 Indoor gyms
  • 3 Tennis courts
  • 3 Basketball courts
  • 3 Fitness rooms 
  • 4 Beachvolleyball courts
  • Astro turf pitch
  • Boat harbor
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Indoor climbing gym (bouldering)
Our Sports Grounds
Sportstaetten: Hartplatz Salem, Schule Schloss Salem

Hard Pitch Salem

Sportstätten: Schwimmbad in der Schule Schloss Salem

Schwimming Pool Schloss Salem

Sportstätten: Sportplatz Campus Härlen

Sport Court Campus Härlen

Sportstätten: Spetzgarter Hafen

Spetzgart Harbour

Sportstaetten: Sportplatz Schule Schloss Salem

Sport Court Schloss Salem