From Adventures in the Wilderness to Finding a Career Path
by Silke Stahl
Year 9 at Schule Schloss Salem is characterised by an exploration of one’s own limits and deciding to pursue the German Abitur or the IB Diploma. Many exciting projects in the boarding school contribute to each student’s development.

Emergency Assistance and Social Services: Testing skills in real life and gaining social competencies

In Year 9 all students chose to join one of Salem’s numerous emergency assistance and social services. Services with the longest tradition at Salem include the Fire Brigade, the Emergency Rescue Service (THW), the First Aid Service and the Community Social Service. Over time many further services have been established: Music, Environmental Protection, Round Square, Sustainability, and the Nautical Service. Through the work of these services, we encourage students to take on responsibility and gain readiness to help others. Our students develop their ability to respond to emergency situations with the requisite skills, persistence, and prudence.

Career Counselling: The springboard to a future career

Year 9 also sees the start of career counselling. In workshops students acquire more awareness of their abilities, interests, and goals. Self-exploration is an important prerequisite for choosing the leadership roles and functional positions in the boarding school community that correspond to one’s personal profile.

Two experienced career counsellors, Dr Günter Klause and Dr David Mathieson, provide students with information and advice regarding their future paths. Furthermore, practical support in the form of guidance and advice is available through the Salem network of teachers, parents, alumni (Altsalemer:innen) and associated professionals.


Outward Board: A formative experience

The highlight of Year 9 is the major Outward Board trekking expedition in Norway. Carrying their own tents, equipment and provisions, the youthful explorers learn to prove themselves in the wide wilderness – both alone and as members of a group. Students are put to the test of their limits in the Norwegian tundra, even while they sense the truth behind the school’s credo “Plus est en vous”, there is more in you than you think. As part of Salem’s experiential education programme, students can also achieve the Bronze Award of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program in Year 9.

Our admissions team will be happy to provide further information about schooling and boarding in Year 9. There are still places available for students to enter Salem in the school year 2021/2022. Details can be found at:  www.schule-schloss-salem.de/aufnahme