Career counselling: Gathering insights into exciting academic programmes
by Vanessa Ruschpler & Emilia Neher (Abi2)
Students of our graduating class used the first online Student Information Day to inform themselves about various degree programmes at the two universities in nearby Konstanz.

In March 2021 the University of Konstanz presented the most prominent of its over 100 degree programmes at a Student Information Day held this year for the first time online. At the same time, the Konstanz University of Applied Sciences (HTWG) offered a series of fascinating presentations about its programmes, such as for Electrical Engineering, Communication Design and Business Law. Günter Klause, one of Schule Schloss Salem’s careers counsellors, organised our students’ participation in the information day. This is what two of Salem’s Abitur students reported about their experiences with the online programmes:

“The day of my virtual visit to the University of Konstanz began with a greeting from the university administration and student counselling office and a review of the university’s history. Because Medicine, the programme I hope to enrol in, is not offered at Konstanz, I had lots of time to drop in on the presentations about other study programmes. Altogether I visited three virtual events about studying Psychology, Biology or Life Science.  In each case we were given an overview of the curriculum, and sometimes videos about real-life applications or research projects were included in the online presentations. At the end of each one there was plenty of time for potential students to ask questions. These always included inquiries about taking a semester abroad, numerus clausus (the quota system of admissions), requirements for internships, the level of intensity or stress during semesters, and the application deadline. In addition, we were shown listings of possible employment fields and long-term job forecasts. Our questions were answered both by professors in the respective departments and other staff members, as well as current students enrolled in various semesters. Our mental fantasies were fuelled by images of the scenic view of Lake Constance from the student cafeteria. It was made clear that after our studies the world would be open to us and that our choice of academic studies represents a waymark along our paths in life.“

Vanessa Ruschpler, Abi2

“During the online Student Information Day at the University of Konstanz I visited presentations given by the departments of Experimental Sciences and Psychology. Both were extremely informative. We received general information about the study programmes and about student life on campus. In addition, we were given a glimpse into the career paths that the degrees can lead to. Personally, I did not see my own career goals and interests reflected in either of these courses of study, because I had already made my choices before this information day. Nonetheless, after talking with fellow students who are still in search of the career path that fits their dreams, I realized that this information day has helped them further along with their quest.“

Emilia Neher, Abi2