An Extraordinary Farewell
by Henrik Fass, Chairman of the Managing Directors
Schule Schloss Salem honors the unique commitment of Brigitte Mergenthaler-Walter.

For almost four decades, Mrs. Mergenthaler-Walter shaped Schule Schloss Salem with passion and dedication. For more than a decade, she served as head teacher and executive director. She came to Salem in October 1985 as a teacher of biology and chemistry and quickly established herself as a remarkable educator who stood out for her collegiality and extensive preparation.

Her role was not limited to teaching, however. She was also part of the Ecology Core Group, involved in drafting proposals to the German Environmental Foundation, and managed to pick up on important issues immediately and implement them consistently. In 2000, she was appointed assessor of the teaching profession and a year later, she became Studienrätin.

Mrs. Mergenthaler-Walter's work was characterized by her appreciation for the boarding school and her belief in Kurt Hahn's motto "Plus est en vous" (There is more in you than you think). Her goal was always to foster the academic and personal growth of each student. During her tenure, the academic quality of the school increased. In addition, she showed unprecedented leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. She was instrumental in maintaining school and boarding operations and minimized the loss of face-to-face classes.

Now, as her era comes to an end, the school will miss her extraordinary dedication and unwavering leadership. Salem, more than just a school or boarding school, is a community that will always be there for its members. A new phase of life now begins for Mrs. Mergenthaler-Walter, marked by the certainty that her impressive actions at Schule Schloss Salem will never be forgotten and that she will always hold a place there.

Photos: Ilja Mess