Careers Counseling

for Years 9 & 10

Two experienced career counselors , Dr. Günter Klause and Dr. David Mathieson, advise students at Schule Schloss Salem regarding their future career paths. Furthermore members of the Salem network - teachers, parents, alumni, and other experts - are available to offer advice and assistance.

Career counselling begins in Year 9 and follows a clearly defined goal: each student should become aware of his or her individual skills and interests and  be able to make realistic decisions regarding his or her own future endeavors.

Students are provided continual in-put at three levels in preparation for embarking on their chosen path upon leaving school:

  • Counselling
  • Self-Discovery
  • Information


Year 9

Ages 9

Evaluation of One's Own Interests, Aptitudes and Goals

In both the German and international track students in Ages 9 attend a workshop with both of Salem's career counselors. Students learn to develop an awareness of their skills, interests and goals. This process of self-discovery is an important prerequisite for selecting the best, i.e. personal, academic profile and appropriate extracurricular involvement in student positions and functions. Interdisciplinary social science lessons introduce students to various kinds of career fields.


Developing a scenario of future prospects based on an analysis of interests and abilities

Year 10

Year 10

Workplace Internship

Since 1984 all students in Ages 10 have been required to undertake a three-week internship in a workplace of their choice. In addition to the work experience itself, this project involves pre-internship preparation and post-internship reflection during their German and social studies classes, as well as a final presentation.


Assistance with personal evaluation of the workplace internship; Individual counseling: Choice of subjects for German Abitur "Kursstufe"; Apprenticeship ambassadors program.

Tests and Applications

The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) is a standardized test offered by a U.S. organization and measures academic skills in the areas of critical reading, mathematics and writing. The test provides students in Ages 10 feedback about their performance level and familiarizes them with the SAT test format.

SAT Test
Participation in the SAT test is usually required as part of the application process for U.S. universities.

During German lessons in the IB system students receive preparation for this centrally administered test of German as a Foreign language, which is required by all German universities.

Application and Admission Procedures for all Universities
We support our students during the university application process which - especially for universities abroad - may involve very complex and demanding procedures.

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Dr. Günter Klause | Latein, Russisch, Psychologie, Laufbahnberatung Jahrgangsstufe 11 & 12

Dr. Günther Klause
Career Counseling Abitur
Teacher: Latin, Russian, Psychology

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Dr. David Mathieson | Economics, ToK, History, Careers Counselling

Dr. David Mathieson
Careers Counseling IB
Teacher (IB): Economics, ToK, History

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