The lessons

in years 5 & 6

The pedagogical concept for Years 5 and 6 is defined by intensive supervision within a child-appropriate environment:

  • Instruction in small classes and study groups, embedded in a learning centers
  • Supervised study times after school
  • Support and encouragement based on previous level of skills knowledge, e.g., through additional learning groups
  • Guided learning and a learning support program
  • Encouragement of special talents by participation in competitions, student academies and campus-based activities
  • Support and monitoring by year-based teams of subject specialists and boarding staff 
  • Educational therapy for students with learning disabilities
  • Intensive German courses for non-native learners in an integrated language school (Years 5 to 7)
  • Supplemental German and English courses for non-native speakers and the opportunity to earn language certificates
  • Holistic, project-based and interdisciplinary learning in mixed classes for topics such as agriculture, health, Stone Age, Middle Ages, newspapers & media
  • Supplemental, theme-related educational activities, such as study trips, excursions, extracurricular clubs
  • Civic education through evening programs and student self-governance (student council, academic council, study groups)
  • Outdoor activity weeks
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Impressions from the lessons
Building Character.
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