Boarding School

in our upper school

The Boarding School

Students in the Abitur and the IB programs attend lessons on two campuses which are separated by a 15-minute walking path: Schloss Spetzgart and the Härlen Campus. Students in grade 11 live in the Spetzgart Castle on a hill overlooking Lake Constance. In their final year at school most students live on the Härlen Campus. Student dormitories offer 2-bed rooms. The apartment of the responsible "House Tutor" is located in the same building.

Learning to Take On Responsibility

By taking on responsibilities students have a strong influence on the daily course of boarding school life. In these years they become of age and enjoy greater freedom in shaping their own everyday lives. Moreover they learn to take on more responsibility for themselves and for the community. The rules of community life result of a dynamic political process. These guidelines are developed in committees of the student self-government and revised when necessary together with the boarding school administration. Maintaining a balance of interests is thus an integral part of everyday life.

Extracurricular Activities

Whether music, art, handicrafts, social services, theater or sport - after-school activities begun in the Middle School can be continued at College. This is extended further with a very wide outdoor program giving each individual the opportunity to explore his or her personal limits and to master new challenges in the outdoors.

Culture and Politics

Cultural affairs are a solid fixture of boarding school life in the upper school. Various theater and musical productions, guest performances by renown artists and ensembles, or off-campus excursions to cultural events are only some of the many offerings. One long-standing tradition is the regular series of "Spetzgarter Supper Talks" (Spetzgarter Abendbrot), to which a student committee invites and hosts prominent figures of public life who give a talk and enter into dialogue with the audience of students and staff.


Every public community needs a political foundation. At Salem International College these basic principles are set out in a constitution. It provides insight into the diversified democratic structures and institutions which shape, guide and monitor community life. Students who take on offices with political functions come face to face with situations of real conflict and experience the difficulties involved in reaching decisions through compromise. In this way they learn what it means and how important it is to take on responsibility in "real" life.

The Salem Report

No community life is possible without rules. At the beginning of grade 11 each students receives the Upper School Guidelines which apply to both campuses, i.e., to Spetgzart and Härlen.

The focus of boarding school life in the Upper School is on preparing for the school-leaving diploma and the steps that will follow. Consequently the so-called "Salem Report" contains not only evidence of academic achievements, but also all the skills and knowledge acquired outside the classroom. It supplements the Abitur certificate or the IB Diploma by drawing together the key experiences by which students qualify themselves for their future professional and personal path in life.

Impressions from boarding school life