Organizational Structure of Schule Schloss Salem

Sponsorship and legal form of Schule Schloss Salem and the Salem Kolleg:

Schule Schloss Salem and the Salem Kolleg as an independent operating company are supported by the non-profit association "Schule Schloss Salem e.V.", chaired by Till Schreiter. The board of the association also acts as a supervisory board for Schule Schloss Salem gGmbH and the Salem College.

The management of Schule Schloss Salem gGmbH is designed as a collegial body and consists of Ms Brigitte Mergenthaler-Walter as Head of Studies and Mr Thomas Obitz as Business Manager. The managing director of Salem Kolleg is Ms. Claudia Groot.

Board of trustees

Members of the board of trustees:

  • Bernhard Prinz von Baden (Chairman) 
  • Dr. Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller 
  • Dr. August Oetker 
  • MP a.D. Günther H. Oettinger 
  • Bettina Würth 
Schule Schloss Salem e.V.

Schule Schloss Salem is sponsored by Schule Schloss Salem e.V., a legally registered private association, which currently has 39 members.

Since the general meeting of the members on March 16, 2019, the Board of Governors is currently composed as follows:

Chairman: Till Schreiter

Treasurer: Stefan Soiné

Secretary: Dr. Constantin Beier

Committee Member: Nicola Dietzsch-Doertenbach, Dr. h.c. mult. Annette Schavan

Honorary Chairman of the Salem Association:
Prof. Dr. h.c. Robert Leicht

Association members are currently:
Dr. Constantin Beier, Curtis Briggs, Gesa Curtius-Stollenwerk, Hans-Joachim Danzer, Nicola Dietzsch-Doertenbach, Axel Graf Douglas, Dr. med. Susanne Driessen, Axel Feldmann, Prof. Dr. Jochen Frowein, Christian Kienzle, Dr. Stephan Kloess, Dorothée Kruft, Otto Lamotte, Dr. Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller, Prof. Dr. h.c. Robert Leicht, Isolde Liebherr, Regine Lorenz, Dr. Peter Michaelis, Eva Nourney, Dieter Plate, Rudolf von Sandersleben, Dr. hc. Annette Schavan, Dr. Alfred Schefenacker, Wolf-Henning Scheider, Robert Schöttle, Till Schreiter, Astrid Schulte, Dr. Dankwart von Schultzendorff, Daniela Seemann, Stefan Soiné, Prof. Dr. Sascha Spoun, Selina Stihl, Detlef Thiery, Dr. Ulrich Wackerhagen, Raimund Wilhelmi, Andreas Zeiser-Radtke, Dr. Reinhard Zinkann.

Parents' council

Schule Schloss Salem has a highly dedicated Parents' Council which works closely with the administration and various committees in the school. It focuses primarily on encouraging communication between school and parents through a variety of means.

The Parents' Council will gladly consult with interested parents before they make the decision to enroll their child at Salem.

The tasks of the  parents' council and its charter are available for download here.

Three external committees have supported the work at the school for decades, and have thus contributed considerably towards Salem's success.

Contact Person

Eleni Triantafillidou
Assistant to the Senior Management

Tel.: +49 7553 919-354
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Contact Person Parents' Council

Caroline Stockhausen
Chairman of the parents' council

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