What is a Kamishibai? - The Reading Seminar of the Kinderstiftung Bodensee for the Social Service
by Madita Knaebel, year 9D3
Two speakers from the Kinderstiftung Bodensee visited the Social Services at Salem Castle at the end of April.

The Monday and Wednesday social service groups met in the Lernzentrum to participate in the lecture. Based on our own reading experiences, we first gathered the basic benefits and possibilities of reading aloud. We were introduced to some books that the social service can read to the children. Particularly exciting is a "Kamishibai", a small wooden theatre or one could also say a screen made of wood, in which picture stories can be inserted and then told and read aloud. We were spontaneously enthusiastic about this, as the pictures and the story are in the foreground, which arouse the children's curiosity.

We were always in exchange with each other and were able to bring in our own experiences that we had gained through our work with the children. For example, the interests and, in my case, family backgrounds that can play a role.

Later, in small groups, everyone chose a book that best suited the respective child and thought about the sequence of a reading session. I chose the book "Finding Dory" because it has beautiful illustrations and is very easy to understand for a child in first grade. Then we thought about possible activities, games or colouring pictures to go with the book and determined the sequence of the reading aloud. It could arouse the children's curiosity if they first describe the cover picture and think about what could happen in the story.

This seminar was very interesting for all of us. It was nice to be able to hear from experts how one can still improve oneself and create stimuli for the children.

Of course, we are looking forward to sharing the new insights with the children again soon and thus being able to create an even more enjoyable time for them here at the castle.