Partial Scholarships from the Kurt Hahn Stiftung and the Beck’sche Stiftung
by Gesa Meyer-Wiefhausen & Janina Tritschler
For the school year 2021/2022 the Kurt Hahn Stiftung and the Beck’sche Stiftung once again offer a large number of partial scholarships to talented students.

Both the Kurt Hahn Stiftung (foundation) and the Beck’sche Stiftung (foundation) follow the goal of enabling specially talented and socially committed children and adolescents to attend Schule Schloss Salem and to help them grow up to be responsible and conscientious young adults.

Since 1983 the Kurt Hahn Stiftung has sponsored young talent under the motto “Plus est en vous! – There is more in you than you think!” Through donations and endowments the foundation is able to give young people from different social and family backgrounds a sustainable education that benefits both them and society on the whole.

Providing opportunities to receive a holistic and formative education is at the foreground of the activities of the Beck’sche Foundation. It focusses on awarding partial scholarships, in particular to students from the eastern regions of Germany and from Berlin.

In the coming school year 2021/2022 partial scholarships granted through the Kurt Hahn Stiftung and the Beck’sche Stiftung will be available to students in Years 5 to 10 who wish to achieve the German Abitur or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.

More details about Schule Schloss Salem and the scholarship programmes, as well as application forms can be found here.

Gesa Meyer-Wiefhausen, Chief of Staff, Head of Communication, Fundraising, Scholarships &
Janina Tritschler, Fundraising, Scholarship Coordinator, Business Office of the Friends of Salem