Mask donation for Salem
by Janina Tritschler & Silke Stahl
Schule Schloss Salem is pleased to receive 80,000 FFP2 masks donated by a pair of parents.

Since the start of the Corona pandemic, Schule Schloss Salem has received its third donation of protective masks.

Protective masks were a scarce commodity, especially in the spring of 2020. At that time, Schule Schloss Salem received a first parent donation of 5,000 medical masks from China.

The school was also very grateful for a second donation of 100,000 protective masks. This was made possible by the company Konrad International GmbH. Former students Alexander Konrad and Frank Hermann were behind the surprise.

In April 2021, Schule Schloss Salem received the third mask donation. Parents Mr. Kun Hao and Mrs. Jun Zhang donated 80,000 protective masks. This generous donation initiative was arranged by Mr. Qiang Ouyang. Mr. Ouyang has been taking care of Chinese students attending Schule Schloss Salem since 1998.

After the protective masks were received by the managing directors Bernd Westermeyer and Thomas Obitz, they will now be made available to the students and staff.

We would like to thank all donors!