50 Additional Scholarships for Talented Students
In this anniversary year the Kurt Hahn Foundation plans to offer scholarships to many more students

By offering 50 additional students financial aid, the Kurt Hahn Foundation (KHS), the Altsalemer alumni association and Schule Schloss Salem join together in taking on particular responsibility in these exceptional times. While Salem celebrates its 100th anniversary, the corona pandemic is confronting the world community with an unbelievable challenge. Particularly hard hit by the situation are children and young people whose families are faced with existential problems and who may thus be excluded from their schooling as well as cultural and social opportunities. We hope to make a contribution that offers children prospects and allows them to shape their own future.
By way of introduction the Kurt Hahn Foundation gives answers to these three questions:


When and to what purpose was the Kurt Hahn Foundation established?

The KHS exists since 1983. It was launched by the Altsalemer Vereinigung (ASV), Salem’s alumni association, which was founded in 1950. The ASV established a scholarship fund in 1963, which became the “Foundation to Support Salem Schools” in 1967. The assets of the foundation and a further endowment from the “Friends of Salem Association”, which has been supporting the pedagogical mission of the school since 1925, form the core assets of the Kurt Hahn Foundation. Its stated goal is to encourage talented students and help them develop themselves, regardless of parental income.

A visual timeline shows further milestones. (only in german)
Milestones in English:

1920: Schule Schloss Salem founded

1925: Friends of Salem Association founded

1950: Altsalemer alumni association founded

1963-67: ASV scholarship fund

1967-83: Foundation to Support Salem Schools

1983: Kurt Hahn Foundation set up by ASV together with Friends of Salem

2000: Härlen campus opened

2017: Salem comes together

2020: 100 Years Salem, 100 Years Future


Who can apply for a scholarship?

Applications for a scholarship to attend Schule Schloss Salem under this special programme can be submitted up to 30 June 2020. The non-profit Kurt Hahn Foundation promotes the education and instruction of children and young adults of high potential enrolled in school years 5 to 11. The scholarships are available for both the Abitur programme and the English-language IB programme (International Baccalaureate Diploma).


What expectations are placed on the applicants?

The programme is open to all applicants who take pleasure in achievement and have an above-average talent in either academic or extracurricular pursuits, such as music, sport or art. Good school reports are a prerequisite for a successful application, but Salem expects scholarship recipients to demonstrate outstanding personal attributes: placing high demands upon themselves and showing readiness to use their skills and abilities to serve others. Scholarship holders take on responsibility and make an active commitment to the school. In return all scholarship holders become acquainted with one another through special events. Schule Schloss Salem places value upon the interaction of all scholarship recipients with one another and maintaining contact with the school’s supporters. At present the KHS provides scholarships for about 100 students.

Dr. Karen Jung, Chairperson of the Board of the Kurt Hahn Foundation