Schule Schloss Salem as Employer in the Areas of
Housekeeping, Technical Services & Administration

Salem is a medium-sized enterprise that offers its employees secure jobs and interesting opportunities for personal development. Since Salem as a business is identical with Salem as a boarding school, there are numerous points of contact between the educational and the service and administration sections. Staff members  housekeeping, technical services and administration also contribute their personal skills and abilities to the pedagogical mission of the school - whether, for example, in the cooking or joinery guilds, the students' emergency services activities or during Outward Bound excursions.

During day-to-day operations, service and administration personnel (collectively called the HTVler) - whether as cook, housekeeper or office worker - play a role in educating students. After all, a Salem education is regarded as a community task that can be and should be supported by everyone. Annual staff outings, Christmas festivities and  common mealtimes are a living expression of the unity of business and educational life at Salem.


At the moment there are no vacant Positions in Departments of Housekeeping, Technical Services and Administration.


Ulrike Walser

Personnel Manager Service and Administration

Tel.: +49 7553 919-363