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Years: 12-14 | Campus languages: German and English

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Learning Groups (in the morning)

Please choose one course for the two weeks. In the morning, the learning groups take place for two hours.
Mark your first choice with ‘1’ and your second choice with ‘2’.


How many years have you studied English? Until July 2020:
Choice for English:

German for beginners

This course is for beginners without any knowledge of German.

Choice for German for beginners:

German for advanced learners 1

This course offers a mix of grammar, cultural studies, conversation and vocabulary training.

Choice for German for advanced learners 1:

German for advanced learners 2

This course is for students who have good speaking and listening skills but also need to improve their reading comprehesnion and writing skills in German.

Choice for German for advanced learners 2:

Nature Sciences and Technology

The elementes of NST lessons in practical use. In the Lab you will "play" with fire, produce your own paper or you explore forensic science.

Choice for Nature Sciences and Technology:

Living History

Travel back in time. Experience Schloss Salem and its surrounding area. A good knowledge of the German
language is required to attend this group.

Choice for Living History:
Arts and Crafts

Please choose three of the following nine options. Arts and Crafts and the Services also take place in the morning for two hours in a weekly rotation.
Mark your first choice with ‘1’, your second choice with ‘2’ and your third choice with ‘3’.


You will develop a good eye for photography and edit your pictures at the PC.

Choice for Photography:

Wood Shaping

At the lathe you will turn a piece of wood into a fantastic sculpture.

Choice for Wood Shaping:


With a brush and an easel in the castle and garden: get inspired by the forms and colours.

Choice for Painting:


You will design and sew your own Summer School fashion.

Choice for Textiles:


As a member of a film team you will draft a film script and turn it into a movie.

Choice for Film:


You will plan, build and programme a robot with lego bricks and make it move as you like.

Choice for Robotics:

Precision Engineering

Turning, Milling, Drilling - an insight into the world of metalwork.

Choice for Precision Engineering:


You learn how to use the element wood and build your own little objects.

Choice for Woodwork:


You develop your own style by forming simple vessels and figurines out of clay.

Choice for Ceramics:

Please choose two of the following four options.
Mark your first choice with ‘1’ and your second choice with ‘2’.

Fire Brigade

“Charge the hose line"! Hoses and other equipment will be your set of tools for your first attempts at extinguishing a fire.

Choice for Fire Brigade:

Technical Service

Couching high ladders, overcoming difficult barrieres and abseiling from a house: you will learn to rescue people.

Choice for Technical Service:

Nautical Service

"SOS on high seas" will be your signal, when you go out with the boat to rescue people (you must be able to swim at least 250 meters competently).

Choice for Nautical Service:

Ambulance Service

You will safeguard the scene of an accident, treat an injured person and practice basic life support.

Choice for Nautical Service:
Activity Programme (in the afternoon)

Please choose four of the following nine options. Activities take place in the afternoons for three hours on a weekly rotation basis.
Mark your first choice with ‘1’, your second choice with ‘2’, your third choice with ‘3’ and your fourth choice with ‘4’.


A dance will be created based on a theme chosen by the group. Dance styles such as Jazz, Hip Hop and contemporary dance will be explored to produce and perform the final choreographie.

Choice for Dancing:

Team sports

Beach volleyball, soccer, basketball and even water polo: enjoy doing sports together as a team player.

Choice for Team sports:

Salem Hockey

Get inspired by Salem's traditional sport. Here you can learn the basic hockey techniques.

Choice for Salem Hockey:

Outdoor 1

A relaxed programme in the surroundings of Salem castle: Swimming, miniature golf, beach volleyball and more.

Choice for Outdoor 1:

Outdoor 2

A challenging programme for the sporty: Mountain biking, swimming, canoeing or climbing in a high ropes course.

Choice for Outdoor 2:


Produce your own arrows and learn to hit the target with concentration and selfconfidence.

Choice for Archery:


Choice for Tennis:
How many years have you played so far?


From our own Spetzgart harbour you will start sailing in “Optis“ (small boats) and on our old wooden cutter on Lake Constance and learn basic sailing skills (you must be able to swim at least 250 meters competently).

Choice for Sailing:

Summer School Band

Do you want to play or sing in a band? You can enter the Rock and Pop Scene with your own instrument or offer your vocal talent. A minimum of 2 years of instrumental lessons is required. All instruments are welcome.

Which instrument do you play?
How many years have you played it?

On Saturday you will be able to choose from a variety of local excursions in the triangle of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The Sunday we will spend together enjoying various activities in and around the castle. Please choose three of the following seven options for the middle Saturday excursion.
Mark your first choice with ‘1’, your second choice with ‘2’ and your third choice with ‘3’.

Cycling Tour along the shores of Lake Constance with refreshing swimming breaks.

Choice for Cycling Tour:

Sailing trip on Lake Constance. (This trip assumes that students are able to swim well at least 250 meters competently.)

Choice for Sailing trip:

Summit tour in the Alps.

Choice for Summit tour:

Canoe trip on Lake Constance
(This trip assumes that students are able to swim well at least 250 meters competently.)

Choice for Canoe trip:

Visit to the Technorama in Winterthur ( and the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen (, Switzerland.

Choice for Technorama and Rhine Falls:

Visit to the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen ( and the Adventure Climbing Park in Immenstaad (

Choice for Zeppelin Museum and Adv. Climbing:

Excursion back in time: Campus Galli (

Choice for Campus Galli:
Further Informations & Essay


All students will receive a Salem International Summer Schools T-shirt - boys regular cut, girls slim fit.

T-shirt size:


We found out about the Schule Schloss Salem via (multiple answers are possible):

Conditions of Acceptance

- Each student and his/her parent(s) must sign a contract. Enrolment will not be finalised until fees have been paid and the signed contract returned.

- The student must take out full medical and travel insurance.

- Smoking, drinking alcohol (including root & malt beer) and the use of any other drugs are strictly forbidden. Any violation of this rule will lead to expulsion from Summer School.

- We must be informed about any special conditions for participants (diet, medical etc.).

- We reserve the right to cancel any activities or alter the venue of the programme as circumstances dictate (e.g. poor weather, lack of participants etc.).

- First choice of activities cannot be guaranteed; assignments are made in order of date received.


In order to complete your application we kindly ask you to answer a few questions about yourself. You find the document in the Download section above. Please scan and E-Mail it to us as soon as possible or send it by mail.

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