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Years: 14-16 | Main campus language: English

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Language Courses (Morning)

General Information

The main language of our Salem International Summer School is ENGLISH. All daily information, announcements etc. are in English. It is therefore a requirement that all applicants have had a minimum of 3 years of English lessons at school and are able to understand information in English. This applies to all students, not just those applying for our English course. There is no minimum requirement for German.

All students sit a placement test in their chosen language of study on the day after arrival. The results are used to allocate the teaching groups (max. 12) select either English or German.


All students will all be taught a variety of written and oral skills, including grammar, comprehension, literature, composition and business English in ability differentiated groups.


Beginner - Students will be taught basic German language skills, with a focus on conversation.

Intermediate - Challenging and engaging reading material and discussion topics will help students to improve their German grammar and widen their vocabulary.

Advanced - Through the study of German literature, students will be encouraged to compose essays and articles on different topics. This course is particularly helpful for German students living abroad who need to improve their written German skills.

Language Choice

Please choose either English or German. It is not possible to take both language courses!

Choice for Language Course: *
Afternoon Activities

In the following you will find all offered afternoon activities. Please choose four of them below.


Improve your technical and practical sailing skills with our qualified leaders at our own harbour on Lake Constance.
You must be a good swimmer, confident and capable of swimming in a lake, and previous dinghy sailing experience is essential!

Rock Climbing

In this introduction to rock climbing, you will learn to climb with experts in the excellently equipped climbing hall in nearby Radolfzell. No previous experience necessary.

Outdoor Adventure

Mountain biking, kayaking and a visit to a local high ropes course are just a few of the activities on offer in this rigorous mixed programme for very sporty students with good physical fitness.

Outdoor Leisure

Swimming, walking and visiting nearby cultural sights are part of this enjoyable, more relaxed outdoor programme.


Improve your skills with our experienced trainers on our artificial grass courts at our nearby Härlen campus.

Water Sports

Enjoy a mixed, fun and active programme of kayaking, swimming, water-skiing etc. both on and close to
Lake Constance. You must be a capable and confident swimmer and not afraid to swim in the lake!


With our highly experienced ceramics teacher, you will learn to design, make and decorate a wide range of clay sculptures to take home with you.

Art and Design

Further your artistic skills using a wide range of media to create jewellery, design and print your own t-shirt, make models and much more, in this very varied programme.


Develop your acting skills with our theatre director and perform on stage at our Final Evening Production.
Beginners and experienced actors are encouraged to participate - challenge yourself!


Showcase your musical skills as a member of the ‘Summer School Band’ in preparation for performing at the Final Evening Production.

Choice for Afternoon Activities

Please choose your first, second, third and fourth wish. Of course we try to consider your first wish, but unfortunately we cannot always guarantee this.

Please note: All four choices must be different.

First choice for Afternoon Activities: *
Second choice for Afternoon Activities: *
Third choice for Afternoon Activities: *
Fourth choice for Afternoon Activities: *

Additional questions (ONLY for Tennis and Music)

If you choose Tennis or Music please answer the following questions:


Number of years played by July 2020:
Level of Tennis knowledge:


Your instrument
Can you bring it with you?
Weekend Excursions

In the following you will find all offered weekend excursions. Please choose three of the seven options via the dropdown fields below.

Sailing (Can only be chosen if you have chosen Sailing as an Afternoon Activity!)

Based in our school harbour, you will enjoy your weekend sailing on Lake Constance, cooking together and sleeping at the harbour in tents or under the stars!

Rock Climbing (Can only be chosen if you have chosen Rock Climbing as an Afternoon Activity!)

Putting your practice from week 1 to good use, you will enjoy spectacular scenery whilst climbing in the open air, sleeping overnight in a youth hostel.

Alpine Hiking

A challenging trip in the mountains, with up to 6 hrs. hiking/day, enjoying a beautiful alpine landscape. You will sleep in an Alpine Association hut. Good physical fitness and proper hiking boots are essential!

Bodensee Experience

Enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Constance (Bodensee) and a cultural visit to the historical university town of Konstanz, staying overnight in a youth hostel.


Have fun spending time on Lake Constance with our experienced guide whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery from your kayak. You will sleep in a tent and enjoy kayak tours to various destinations on the lake. Must be a confident, capable swimmer, not afraid of swimming in the lake.

Cycling Tour

Enjoy the varied landscape of the Lake Constance region, and visiting various towns and attractions, on this fun cycling trip. You will sleep in a hostel.

Choice for Weekend Excursions

Please choose your first wish, your second wish and a third wish. Of course we try to consider your first wish, but unfortunately we cannot always guarantee this.

Please note: First, second and third choice must be different.

First choice for Weekend Excursion: *
Second choice for Weekend Excursion: *
Third choice for Weekend Excursion: *
Final Evening Production

Parents and guests are invited to join us on Saturday 8th August at 7:30 p.m.
All Summer School participants take part in this highlight of our time together. You will spend time preparing during week 2, so it may mean missing some of your other afternoon activities. If you have not chosen Acting or Music as an Afternoon Activity, please choose two Activities you would like to be involved in.
Of course we try to consider your first wish, but unfortunately we cannot always guarantee this.

First Choice for Final Evening Production: *
Second choice for Final Evening Production: *
Further information


All students will receive a Salem International Summer Schools T-shirt - boys regular cut, girls slim fit.

T-shirt size (adult) *

Tell us about yourself...

In order to complete your application we kindly ask you to answer a few questions about yourself. You find the document "Questionnaire" in the Download section above.
Please scan and e-mail it to us within one week of sending your application, thank you.

I have read the information about the questionnaire. *


We found out about the Salem International Summer Schools via:

Conditions of Acceptance

- Each student and his/her parent(s) must sign a contract. Enrolment is not finalised until fees have been paid and the signed contract returned.

- The student must take out full medical and travel insurance.

- Smoking in any form, drinking alcohol (including root & malt beer) and the use of any other drugs are strictly forbidden.
Any violation will lead to expulsion.

- We must be informed about any special conditions for participants (diet, medical etc.).

- We reserve the right to cancel any activities or alter the venue of the programme as circumstances dictate (e.g. poor weather, lack of participants etc.).


I hereby apply for admission to the Salem International Summer School 2020 and untertake to abide by the Conditions of Acceptance as set out above. *

Data protection declaration

I agree that my personal data may be stored for further contact, but for a maximum period of 36 months. This consent can be revoked at any time by Schule Schloss Salem (by letter post, e-mail or fax). I have read the information on data protection. *
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