Application Process

Five Steps to a Scholarship Award

1. Application
2. Pre-Selection by School
3. Selection Weekend (participation is mandatory)
4. Announcement of Level of Scholarship (based on proof of parental income)
5. Scholarship contract


Applicants are to fill out the application form in readable writing and send the full completed documentation by February 1, 2019.

Please note that only applications submitted completely and on time can be considered.

Please send your application form to:

Schule Schloss Salem
Kathrin de Francisco
Assistant Admissions Office
Reference No. HD2017
Schlossbezirk 1
88682 Salem


Conditions of a Scholarship Application

1. Who can apply?
The applicants should currently be attending Year 4 of a primary school or the Lower or Middle School of a grammar school, or another secondary school and should be not be already a student at Salem. Furthermore applicants should:

  • set themselves high standards and readily assume responsibility; 
  • show a particular commitment in an area of social engagement, in music, art or sports;
  • present a strong academic record;
  • have a command of the German language sufficient to be able to attend classes in the Abitur system, or, likewise, in English  for admission to the International Classes


Students who are already attending Schule Schloss Salem are not eligible to apply for a Salem scholarship. In the Middle School they may apply for a Heinrich-Blendinger scholarship.

2. What must the application contain?
The independently composed, handwritten letter of application will include the application form, curriculum vitae,  mention of special fields of interest, and a statement of the reason for the application. The mid-year and the end-of-year school reports for the last two school years as well as a photo are to be enclosed with the application.


3. How much is the scholarships?
A partial scholarship of € 500,- per month (approx. 20% of the school and boarding fees) is granted independently of family income.  An additional grant will depend on the income and financial circumstances of the parents.


4. For what period are the scholarships awarded?
Scholarships are granted until a student graduates. During this time the school verifies each year that the pupils continues to meet the financial prerequisites. For this reason, the school expects a tax assessment statement to be submitted annually.


5. Selection Interview Weekend
Qualified applicants will be invited to a Selection Weekend which is scheduled for March 22 - 24, 2019, on the respective school campus.

6. Application
The complete set of application documents must be received  at the following address no later than February 1, 2019:

Schule Schloss Salem
Kathrin de Francisco
Assistant Admissions Office
Reference HD2017
88682 Salem

Selection Interview Weekend

After careful consideration of all applications, the most suitable candidates will be invited to an selection interview weekend.


The next interview weekend is scheduled for March 22 - 24, 2019, and will be held at the appropriate school Campus.


School Year 5 - 7 in Schloss Salem, Salem

School Year 8 - 10 in Schloss Salem, Salem

School Year 11 and 12 in Salem International College, Überlingen

Receiving a Scholarship

When sending in your application, please kindly inform us whether a basic scholarship (500 Euro per month) is sufficient, or whether an additional grant is required.  Each scholarship holder shall pay a reasonable, financial contribution of his/her own, which is based on the parents' income.  

A copy of the Income Tax Return for 2016 and 2017 and any other explanatory documents are to be sent to us within one week of receiving the invitation to the Selection Interview Weekend. We explicitly assure you that these documents will be treated confidentially. They have no effect on the decision to award a scholarship. The jury exclusively examines the academic qualification and the social competence of the applicants.


After the interview weekend the jury draws up a ranked listing and submits it to the scholarship committee of Schule Schloss Salem. This committee reviews the financial statements and determines the level of scholarship aid to be offered. A contract is not concluded until a mutual agreement on the amount of the scholarship has been reached with the selected scholarship holders.

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