Introducing Ourselves: The Parents’ Council Supports the School
Parent representatives serve as a channel of communication, in both directions, between school and family. New elections are scheduled for this school year.

We are a group of twelve very dedicated parents who work very closely with the school administration and other organisational groups at Schule Schloss Salem. We consider ourselves a “sounding board” not only for conveying parental wishes to the school, but also taking up ideas which the school has with regard to students and parental involvement. Four times a year, on arrival day after school holidays, we meet with staff members of the school to talk over issues related to schooling and boarding.

Along with information from the directors, the heads of studies and the heads of boarding about their particular concerns, there is always time for discussing further matters. At the last June meeting, for example, the newly elected chairperson of the Supervisory Board, Dr. Maximilian Dietsch-Doertenbach, informed us about the topics the new board planned to focus on. With Nicola Wirkner, one of the staff members responsible for the infirmary, we had a lengthy talk about health issues and the dangers of addiction, particularly from smoking and alcohol. Further areas of discussion include the school’s strategic planning with regard to digitalisation, continuing development plans within the school and the boarding section, as well as changes to the Abitur curriculum. In addition, selected members of our council were actively involved in the official external evaluation by the International Baccalaureate (IB) organisation and with the development of a strategy paper for media usage.

We wish to draw attention to the upcoming election of a new parents’ council in the second half of the school year 2019/2020 and encourage interested parents to stand as candidates. We will be most happy to answer any further questions per email at elternbeirat@schule-schloss-salem.de

Caroline Stockhausen and Mariella Röhm-Kottmann, Chairpersons of the Parents’ Council