Music in difficult times
by Thomas Braun, Musiklehrer
The community of musicians is particularly affected in times of Corona, as singing and playing with instruments are considered to be particularly difficult.

The aerosols emitted in this process can carry viruses over longer distances, which must be counteracted in a hygiene concept. Since March 2020 the activities of the choir and orchestra of Schule Schloss Salem have been suspended, except for a few string rehearsals. Slowly they are now waking up again, but nothing is as like it used to be.

In addition to the hygiene measures taken before the rehearsal, the rooms are aired at regular intervals and a seating arrangement is adopted that certainly no one has ever known before: stretched out far apart (at least 2 metres apart), with the additional benefit of sitting in a gap, music is played. Listening to the other musicians only softly, each one has to master his part alone and pay meticulous attention to the conductor. It's still fun, and it's gratifying that it can also be listened to: how nice that the ensemble music in Salem is slowly starting up again.